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What’s Up Wednesday

August is almost over and I feel like we have really made the most out of our time. Last week we had cooler weather and it gave me a little Fall itch for a second. It got me excited to spend that season in the city. I was trying to remember what type of things we did last Fall, then T.J. reminded me we rarely went in the city with Eva because that was the time when Eva HATED being in the stroller. I am SO glad we’re past that phase. And I’m so excited about walking through the city during the Autumn season! Remember on Gossip Girl, they say:

There’s nothing quite like Autumn in New York. But it’s not only the leaves that change. Something in the air brings out the true colors in everyone.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m still enjoying summer and would be fine if it never ended! Here are a couple recent instagrams.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 10.54.03 AM

Trying to swim as often as we can since the pool closes next week. I told Eva it closes soon and she instantly screamed/cried, “NOOOO ASHLEY’S POOL… NOOOOO!” I think Eva will be the most disappointed.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 10.53.57 AM

More frozen meals… I’m kind of obsessed.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 10.53.18 AM

Our computer broke (and since was fixed for free under Apple Care… phew!) and so I had to trek around the city with Eva to the Apple store and another computer store one Monday. They first told me it was the hard drive and that it could cost up to $500 to retrieve our data since we hadn’t backed it up. Thankfully it was NOT the hard drive and everything got fixed promptly. As soon as we got it back, we backed it allllll up! It was a rough day though. The computer, and then a smoothie spilled all over the stroller and my diaper bag which was really gross and stinky. But my child was great that day and we treated ourselves a bunch so I wouldn’t have a breakdown in the middle of Manhattan.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 10.54.48 AMWe walked around through Central Park this weekend. I’ll never get over that place. It’s so gorgeous and absolutely charming. I know I’m turning into my mom though because I kept singing and dancing to songs from Enchanted. How can you not?

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.13.43 AM

This is from a month ago or so, but I forgot to post it. We went to Central Park one Saturday and just played on the lawn all day. It was perfect.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 10.54.27 AM

Panera recently opened up in our mall (woohoo!). I tried going the day it opened but it was too busy, so I went on Saturday morning before the rest of the mall opened. Ashley was there doing the same thing! We had a good laugh about running into each other.Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.28.36 PMI made tiny sandwiches for Eva to get her to eat her lunch. Worked for a day, but since then she hasn’t been excited about the idea.

More blog posts coming up of the Staten Island Ferry, Coney Island, and Broadway in Bryant Park!


August Update

It’s the middle of August already?! Thankfully we’re not in school or else I’d be so bummed summer is coming to an end, but around here… We’ve got at least another month or two of beautiful weather (and time to keep working on my summer bucket list).

We’ve had a busy and fun couple of weeks since we got back from Utah. Eva has stayed on Utah time though, which in some ways is really nice because she sleeps in until 10 about everyday; we even had a couple of 11 am times. But then that meant she wouldn’t nap, or wouldn’t nap until like 5 pm. It has been throwing everything off and I really need to just wake her up earlier, but then the mornings roll around again and I’m like, “What the heck?”

Other than Eva sleeping in, we’ve gone into the city a bunch of times just for fun and a date, played at parks, had a couple girls’ nights, gone on bike rides, and went swimming over and over again. Eva swims without my help now, well.. with the little floaty thing. But it’s pretty awesome! She loves jumping in and keeps having me scoot farther and farther away from the edge. She’s got the doggy paddle down with the floaties on so hopefully next year we can try it without the floaty.

Eva has been cracking us up lately, so I’ve got to write a post about the things she says soon before I forget it! That girl is such a character. It also occurred to me that she will be three in less than four months. THAT IS NUTS.

If you ask T.J., he might tell you I’ve lost my mind because I’ve been cooking/baking freezer meals like a mad woman. But now my freezer is packed with hundreds of healthy mini muffins/cups and it’s amazing. I’ll share some of those recipes with you in a couple of days.

Until then, here are the latest Instagrams. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.27.20 PM

This was taken at a really neat splash pad and park in the city near the WTC. It’s hidden by tons of trees and you feel like you’re in the mountains.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.27.26 PM

I was kind of dying at how cute Eva looked the other day riding her bike and blowing bubbles. Funny story, we just bought 6 mini bubble containers, and Eva went through like three in one hour because she kept spilling it over and over. It was so funny and cute because each time, she’d look at me and say, “Ooooops, sorry!” I think she was worried I’d be mad, but I didn’t really care since it was outside and they’re so cheap. So, I’d laugh and she’d laugh.. so darling.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.28.19 PM

We had a farewell party for a friend in the ward. We played games and then watched this hilarious movie called Austenland. Go watch it now. It’s very funny and very cute. Plus, Keri Russell… one of my favorites.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.28.25 PM

So much piano playing last weekend. I’m grateful for our church that utilizes everyone’s talents, but I sure wish a couple more people in our ward knew how to play piano 🙂 .

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.27.15 PM

We have been playing a LOT of hide and seek these days. Eva’s quite a pro, as you can tell.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.27.08 PM

One afternoon, Ashley had an appointment in the city right next to Madison Square Park, so I strapped Brooks to my back and two-kidded it for a couple of hours. It was a strange experience to feel like I had two children. Both kids were perfect the entire time (excluding the time Eva thought it was hilarious to run around the part of the park that was closed off and I chased her like a crazy person, with Brooks on my back… everyone in the park was staring at us, I swear, and probably laughing at us… oh well). Anyway, this is NOT an announcement of any kind. But it was kind of an invigorating couple of hours.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.27.01 PM

More hide and seek action. This one makes me laugh so much.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.26.50 PM

How cute are these two? They rode their bikes up and around Hoboken. The Bike Bandits!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.26.43 PM

Another friend in the ward suddenly moved and we had a farewell party at the splash pad. Look at this great group of gals!

That’s it for now!


Photo Jun 25, 6 21 23 PM

Finally tried the tacos from The Taco Truck… So good! And it was park just a couple blocks away from our apartment so we didn’t have to walk over to Hoboken. Crossing that off my summer bucket list!

Photo Jun 25, 6 06 42 PM

Whenever we walk past this spot on the way to the park, Eva wants me to take her picture.

Photo Jun 25, 2 29 52 PM

Last week we went to the park several days in a row, two times each day. Summer is the best!

Photo Jun 24, 5 49 14 PM

Walked through a new park in Jersey City which had this gorgeous garden and fountain.

Photo Jun 26, 6 58 55 PM

Last Thursday, we had a picnic on the river down in Tribeca. There was a little concert on Pier 25. Crossed a concert in the park off our summer bucket list too!Photo Jun 26, 3 38 01 PM

Lots of popsicles for me and Eva on hot summer days!

Photo Jun 26, 7 29 12 PM

The view from Pier 25

Photo Jun 25, 6 49 47 PM

Splash pads are Eva’s favorite now!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.39.41 AM

I french braided Eva’s hair last Sunday and am obsessed with it. So cute!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.39.50 AMAnd how cute is Eva is this Sunday outfit with braids? What a cutie!


Summer Days

Summer is my favorite. We go on a walk or to the park before Eva naps and then go on another walk or to another park after her nap. Then go to sleep and repeat it the next day. You can’t get much better than that. Picnics, beautiful weather, friends, and great views. I love it. Here are some snapshots from our recent local outings:

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 9.55.18 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 9.55.28 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 6.53.50 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 6.53.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 6.53.55 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 6.53.33 PM


Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.39.23 PM

A month ago, we went to the NYC library again to show T.J. the children’s book exhibit. Eva kept saying she was scared. I had to laugh a bit because it reminded me of how in Ghostbusters, there are ghosts in the NYC library. She looks so concerned in this photo. Also, her ponytail… I love being able to put all of her hair back!

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.39.04 PM

We got a new stroller this month! Well, new to us. It was a great find on craigslist! $150 off the new price and was in great condition! It even came with the car seat which attaches underneath, in the back, or in place of the toddler seat where Eva is sitting. Awesome! Overall, I like it more than my old stroller. It’s built to last and can withstand the constant use and wear we put our stroller through every day, although it’s much heavier and a little harder to steer with Eva than my older babytrend jogging stroller. But I am very excited about it and happy it has an option for two kids, if we ever need it one day. One day very far from now. Haha!

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.38.27 PM

Our mall just put in this little Kidville play area in Sears. On rainy days, we go over there an play. It’s been so nice!

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.40.14 PM

Summer days are the best! I love where we live… we have such great parks just a step away, including the Newport Green which includes this neat sandy beach right on the Hudson.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 5.43.39 PM

I try to get Eva out everyday to a park, if possible, and wear her out for a nap. Two year olds aren’t huge fans of naps, don’t you know? But one day, I must have worn her out. I found Eva laying on the ground at the nap playing with her little baby.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.03.50 PM

Eva does not like the splash pad! I’m hoping the more we go, the more she will want to play. But last week, all the water that would turn on and off kept scaring her. (We are in a “scared” phase.) Ugh. “No like splash pad!”

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.33.26 AM

I met up with an old friend and classmate from BYU in the city! It was so fun to see her!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.33.34 AM

Pool days with this bug are the best! We love summer and can’t get enough of this weather!


Evagram Videos

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Instagram Update

Here are some more random instagrams from the past couple weeks:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.13.54 PM

I told Eva to smile and she made this face.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.11.43 PM

Eva and her new boyfriend, Grayson, on a date playing Hungry Hippos.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.11.55 PM

Jenny and I went to an Earth Day market in Jersey City.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.12.05 PM

Doesn’t she look adorable? I can’t get over this outfit. Thanks to my MIL!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.12.44 PM

We went to the Liberty Science Center one afternoon… it had been a while since we had been so it was a huge hit!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.13.26 PM

Eva went to her first big birthday party! Big as in, she actually knew what was going on.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.13.48 PM

The view of Jersey City from the other side of the river in Manhattan.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.11.30 PMBack across the river on a walk with Ashley (get back to town, already… I miss you!).


Random Instagrams

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.12.16 PM

Eva wore one of my old baby Spring coats… such a heart breaker!

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.10.40 PM

Being lazy in style! She’s sitting in her old baby bathtub, having a snack, and watching some Mickey.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.08.01 PM

Just another cold day in Jersey, pretending that the Kohl’s patio stuff is in our backyard.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.08.37 PM

Eva has a very diverse group of dolls for her doll house.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.08.48 PM

Pinterest fail. I didn’t wait for the bars to cool before putting the icing on top. Yuck.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.09.34 PM

Soaking up every drop of sun at the park.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.10.16 PM

Doesn’t Eva look so grown up here? WHERE DID MY BABY GO?

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.10.28 PM

The baby bath tub again… she really loved playing with that thing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.07.54 PMPulled this out of storage and cried when reading it to Eva. I’m going insane.


We were watching Wizard of Oz (Mickey Mouse version) and Eva pulled this outfit together and said she was a “switch” (a witch).Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.03.22 PM

Just a random day in February. Back in P.J.s at 4 pm and playing baseball.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.03.15 PM

Eva’s Papa brought her a puppy purse when he was in town for work, I treated myself to a new candle, and this is what our house looks like on cold days at noon. It looks like 7 pm. Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.02.24 PM

Eva’s obsessed with this dress which is still a bit big for her. With the wig, her outfit is complete.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 5.19.14 PM

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A Valentine’s Day in NYC

We swapped babysitting for Valentine’s Day weekend, so T.J. and I got to have a date in the city together! It was so romantic to walk the streets of NYC on Valentine’s Day… even the Empire State Building was lit up with bright pink lights.

We got a quick bite at a tex-mex restaurant near T.J.’s work. It was absolutely delicious and we got there before the rush so we didn’t have to wait at all. Then we took the train up to 42nd St, walked through Bryant Park, Times Square, and saw Monuments Men at a movie theater up there. It had once been an Opera Theater, so the lobby is really neat!

It was such a great Valentine’s Day. Much better than last, when we were with a recovering RSV/Croup one-year-old. We love you all! Hope you had a great V-day!

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.04.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.04.20 PM