An Affair to Remember

I have a date with Cary Grant tonight.


25 Days of Christmas

Another Christmas Miracle: 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. If we didn’t have free cable, I’d probably be tempted to buy it each December so I could watch all the movies.

We took a break today to prepare for the coming week and have watched a couple of these Christmas movies shown on 25 Days of Christmas. It made me think of my favorite Christmas movies list. Here are my top ten in order.

  1. Elf. It’s so good, I watch it all year long. But I watch it multiple times throughout the Christmas season to get an extra dose of holiday cheer. Favorite quote- “We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup.”
  2. Home Alone
  3. Home Alone 2
  4. The Santa Claus
  5. The Grinch
  6. The Muppet Christmas Carol
  7. Miracle on 34th Street (the new one, not the old one)
  8. It’s a Wonderful Life
  9. Charlie Brown’s Christmas
  10. The Polar Express (or maybe the new Christmas Carol or the 2nd Santa Claus)

What are your favorites? Am I missing one from my list?


Power was my weakness and my temptation.

Just like millions of other, on November 18th, a few friends and I waited for the Midnight showing of Harry Potter 7.1. We went to a ghetto theater where tickets were only 6 bucks, but we had to wait outside for about four hours. Photo op? Yes. (I apologize for looking so anemic in these photos. This is what happens to me in the winter when I ban the tanning bed.)

The Next Three Days

Sleepless in Seattle

Saturday night, T.J. watched the awful Utah game and I decided to watch a Netflix movie in my warm bed. Sleepless in Seattle was my choice of the night. I just needed to watch something with Meg Ryan.

Anyway, I wanted to share the ending with you because it is so precious and I love it more than anything. If you haven’t seen the whole movie for a while, go home and watch it this Christmas season.


Well, little miss Hermione Granger sure switched up her look, didn’t she? What are your thoughts?


My Top 10 Scary Movies (not in order)


  1. The Orphanage. I saw it on campus at the International Cinema so they edited out the bad stuff. But this thriller really gets your heart pumping with a well-written plot and twist ending. Just wait until the woman plays the “knock 1 2 3” game. Oh man. (P.S. it’s on Netflix Instant Play).
  2. The Ring. I will never see this one again. Too satanic. Too scary.
  3. The Ring 2. I watched this with a bunch of girls a few years ago really late at night. I don’t remember much because I kept falling asleep. But I do remember a bunch of deer attacking them. Horrifying.
  4. Lady in White. Old movie. You wouldn’t think it would be this scary, but I couldn’t have the blinds open for weeks. There are like three stories throughout the movie, but the ending is by far the scariest part.


  1. The Others. I love this movie. Nicole Kidman does a great job and I’ll never forget my friend Mikey Tensmeyer quoting the children at the end. When the door slams and the piano starts to play, I always lose it!
  2. Skeleton Key. I think you know already how I feel about this one.
  3. The Birds. It didn’t scare me during the movie. It scared me the next time I saw a bunch of birds. And every time since.
  4. The Invasion. This is more of a thriller. Once again, Nicole Kidman is incredible.
  5. 1408. When this first came out, Blair and I saw it 3 times in the theater.
  6. What Lies Beneath. When the neighbor see them through the window all of a sudden, you might have a heart attack.

Skeleton Key pt. 2

Remember how I told you yesterday about the movie Skeleton Key? It has made me so paranoid that I can barely be alone.

I couldn’t take a shower this morning because I was so scared of being by myself. Showers don’t even have anything to do with that movie, that’s how crazy I am.

I may or may not be the biggest baby alive.

Skeleton Key

I can’t handle scary movies. At all. But back up two years, and you might recall that I watched them all the time. In fact, two Octobers ago, I had a free Netflix month where I had 4 movies at a time and so I decided to get scary movie after scary movie. That must have put me over the edge because, ever since then, anything remotely scary haunts me for days and really messes with my head.

Well, The Skeleton Key was on TV the other night. I remember seeing it a while ago, but I couldn’t remember the plot, so I was interested in seeing what would happen. Plus I love Kate Hudson. Of course, T.J. was asleep, so I knew it was bad news to try and watch it myself. So I woke him up (he was just on the couch, so it wasn’t that big of a deal) and had him watch the movie with me.

That was about three days ago. I still cannot stop thinking about it. The ending is driving me crazy and I really can’t believe I didn’t remember it from the first time I saw it.

Last night I had to sing hymns in my head to fall asleep. It is ridiculous.


Jacob Black and Pad Thai

Last night, Hannah and her date Jacob Black came over for dinner. (You might have heard of him, he’s a werewolf.)  It was a blast to hang out with them and swap stories.  Jacob told us about this brutal fight he was in a few months ago, but he won!  Oh and he told us how he’s so excited to be dating someone with the same roots, since Hannah is also Native American.

Anyway, I made Pad Thai because it’s his favorite.  Maybe next time he comes over, you can come too.

Here’s the Pad Thai recipe:

4 cups water
1 package (6 to 8 oz) linguine-style stir-fry rice noodles (rice stick noodles)
1/3 cup fresh lime juice
1/3 cup water
3 tablespoons packed brown sugar
3 tablespoons fish sauce or soy sauce
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon rice vinegar or white vinegar
3/4 teaspoon ground red pepper (cayenne)
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 medium shallot, finely chopped, or 1/4 cup finely chopped onion
2 eggs, beaten
12 oz frozen cooked peeled deveined medium shrimp, thawed
1/4 cup finely chopped dry-roasted peanuts
3 cups fresh bean sprouts
4 medium green onions, thinly sliced (1/4 cup)
1/4 cup firmly packed cilantro leaves
  1. In 3-quart saucepan, heat 4 cups water to boiling. Remove from heat; add noodles (push noodles into water with back of spoon to cover completely with water if necessary). Soak noodles 3 to 5 minutes or until noodles are soft but firm. Drain noodles; rinse with cold water.
  2. Meanwhile, in small bowl, stir lime juice, 1/3 cup water, the brown sugar, fish sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, red pepper and 1 tablespoon of the oil until well mixed; set aside.
  3. In nonstick wok or 12-inch nonstick skillet, heat remaining 2 tablespoons vegetable oil over medium heat. Cook garlic and shallot in oil about 30 seconds, stirring constantly, until starting to brown. Add eggs. Cook about 2 minutes, stirring gently and constantly, until scrambled but still moist.
  4. Stir in noodles and lime juice mixture. Increase heat to high. Cook about 1 minute, tossing constantly with 2 wooden spoons, until sauce begins to thicken. Add remaining ingredients except cilantro. Cook 2 to 3 minutes, tossing with 2 wooden spoons, until noodles are tender. Place on serving platter. Sprinkle with cilantro. Garnish with additional chopped dry-roasted peanuts and green onions if desired.

P.S. Make sure you have all of your ingredients ready to go before you start this recipe.  I learned that the hard way this time.