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Lucky 7

  • My mom flies in tomorrow to help with the baby that is still in my belly! I can’t wait to see her. T.J. is so busy with school right now so it will nice to have her around to distract me and keep me company.
  • I need to clean the basement. I’ve been saying that for months. But it REALLY needs to be done. “Beer me strength to clean the basement!”
  • That reminds me, The Office and Parks and Rec last night were both incredible. Seriously, these seasons have been amazing. Who knew that The Office was going to be this great without Michael Scott!? I’m probably the biggest Michael Scott fan out there, or one of, but I’m not ashamed to say that I still love the show without him. Robert California is hilarious and I’m loving that they’re finally back to old-school Jim and Dwight pranks again. And then Parks and Rec… how tender was that episode? And didn’t you think the whole Gary/Jerry thing was awesome? Great night on NBC.
  • Is anyone else wanting snow? If it’s going to be this cold, I kind of wish it was snowing. It would add to the Christmas atmosphere, ya know?
  • I watched Water for Elephants for the last time last night. First of all, I thought it was really good overall. But, man… the circus manager was so wicked. I had to close my eyes over and over because of how horrible he was to the elephant and to his wife.
  • I’ve been drinking some Sprite today because I’m feeling nauseous. I feel like instead of helping my stomach feel better, it makes me think I’m sicker than I really am because it’s what I would drink when I was a kid if I had the flu. Does that make sense?
  • I had a Crevening (Craft Evening) this week with my friends Erin and Rachel. It was a blast. Rachel made these adorable Christmas trees made out of magazines, Erin made homemade snow globes, and I made a car seat cover. All in all, it was a success. If you ever want to join us for a Crevening, let me know. We try to make it happen once a a month.

Is it just me?

I hate how everyone laughs during Kevin’s solo because of stupid Buzz’s prank in Home Alone 2. How rude!

(Sorry this is in Spanish, but it still works…)

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“Turkey day is the most fun day!” -Martha Stewart

  1. I can’t sleep very much anymore. I sleep for like four or five hours then wake up. That of course makes me extremely tired and so then after a couple of hours, I’m ready for another round of sleep. It’s awful and each cycle is filled with vivid dreams of the baby. Yesterday I dreamt that the baby finally started to breast-feed, she fell out of her cradle (that was awful), and then was old enough within a couple of days to play in the bathtub with those bath marker things. Bizarre stuff.
  2. Everyday I hope there will be snow. I think it’s because we have our tree up now and I feel like, if there’s snow out there, it doesn’t make me as crazy for putting the tree up before Thanksgiving. So, this 50 degree weather is really out of place.
  3. T.J. and I are contemplating so hard about getting an Xbox with Kinect for Christmas. It will be really inexpensive at Walmart on Black Friday. We never buy big things like that though, heck I won’t even buy jeans that are more than $30. BUT I LOVE THE KINECT! It is so much fun, a great workout, and could be our gift to each other for Christmas. On the other hand, it still is a lot of money. And we have a baby on the way that will cost a lot. Tell me what to do!
  4. My cold is almost gone! It only took three weeks.
  5. My doctor said no progress still down there with the baby stuff. So, I said, “Well, at least it won’t come on Thanksgiving.” And then he replied, “You can say that on Friday.” Being a ticking time bomb is kind of crazy.
  6. I get to make my pies today for Thanksgiving! Can’t wait! Which reminds me, how do YOU say “pecan”?
  7. The news is on in the background and it’s showing all the holiday traffic and snowy roads through the country. It’s making me kind of happy that we are staying here and not dealing with it. But I sure am missing my family!
  8. Did I buy eggnog at the store yesterday? You better believe it. (Don’t worry Mom, it’s lowfat).
  9. Yesterday I got a check in the mail from Winder Farms. I only worked there for a couple of weeks back in March and I already got paid for that time. So, it was completely out of the blue and so random. Seriously, it was so awesome that I started crying immediately. hahaha, oh I’m ridiculous.
  10. Random story: Last week I tried to wake T.J. up for work at 7 but he was up until 5 am working on projects for school. So, he told me to text his boss for him to tell her she’d be late. I asked what I should say and he replied, “Fun house mirrors.” I said, “T.J. that doesn’t make sense.” He said, “They always make sense.”
  11. Martha Stewart is on the Today show. Some of the reporters went to her house for a Thanksgiving dinner and to see her farm. How many people do you think help Martha? Does she even help anymore? She just said she is grateful for her grandchild… she has kids? Do you think she always was amazing at crafts? Why is she wearing leggings on the show? SO MANY QUESTIONS!
  12. I can’t wait to see The Muppets! I laughed so hard when I first saw this clip…
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“I like to torture them.”

  1. Our crib arrived today! Thanks to my in-laws for the amazing gift and for setting it up! I will show pics once the nursery is complete.
  2. I’m in a very crafty mood. Now if I just felt good enough to do something… Stupid cold!
  3. Julie and Julia was just on. Do you love that movie as much as me? It’s one of my all-time favorites.
  4. I ate a spinach salad for dinner. Maybe that doesn’t seem like anything to share, but I kind of feel like I should get a round of applause for it… Yes… Thank you!
  5. I set up the baby swing tonight! It’s adorable… plus, I paid for it through gift cards, so that’s even more awesome.
  6. Have you ever tried to listen to the Book of Mormon while you follow along? One word, four syllables: incredible. I highly recommend it. Download it here.
  7. I badly need a haircut. I’ve worn my hair up with a headband so much lately… that’s when you know it’s really time.
  8. We get our car back tomorrow. Did I tell you someone hit us in a parking lot on campus? Well, the car’s been in the shop since last Monday and so we’ve had a rental. It’s a Hyundai Tuscon. I’m seriously in love with it, except for the fact it guzzles gas! But, I will be sad to turn it back in tomorrow.
  9. I think we have decided on a baby name. But you will just have to wait and find out when she comes…
  10. In correspondence with the title, we watched Ghostbusters this weekend and I thought I’d share one of my favorite parts with you.


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On the Outside, I Looked Good

Hairspray is on ABC Family right now! I’m sad to admit that I didn’t see the 2007 version when it first came out because all of my roommates were obsessed with it and so it made me not want to see it… weird logic, I know. Anyway, when I did finally see it, it was the BTOML! I bought the soundtrack immediately and have loved it ever since!

Click on the photo to watch my favorite song in the musical.

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Will someone buy me a piano?

Isn’t this video incredible? Although there’s no way I could ever play this, it does make me miss playing the piano.

We’ll just put this one on repeat for the day…

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Today is one of the best days. Ever. I’ve been looking over some financial stuff, trying to plan for the baby, and then I thought I should check T.J.’s BYU financial account to see if his FAFSA went through or if there were still some to-do items there. Mind you, I hadn’t checked for about a month, and then randomly I decide to check today. Today. Which happened to be one hour after they posted his financial aid money!

T.J. was granted more than enough money to pay for both Fall and Winter tuition. Pell Grants. We will never have to pay it back because sometimes it just pays to be poor.

Also, because T.J. is a very talented graphic designer (I’m not kidding, I’m always amazed when I see his work), he ALSO got a scholarship for Fall semester. So, that will cover for other costs/insurance/etc.

This baby won’t be delivered in a cardboard box after all! Things really have a way of working out, don’t they!

And… I get to see Harry potter in three hours.

Mischief Managed, cont.

That last post reminded me of something that happened yesterday.

I’m kind of embarrassed to get this out in the blogosphere. But, I didn’t read all the Harry Potter books. I read the first four, but then was satisfied by the movies and just never got around to reading the books. Yeah, I don’t wanna hear it. You probably think I’m a poser now. But let’s just talk about how many movies have been released based off of books and how many of those books you didn’t read! That’s what I thought!

So, now that I’ve got that out. Because I haven’t read the last three books, the movies have been complete surprises (and the best time of my life not knowing). “But how?” you ask. “Everyone talks about the books, especially around the releases of the movies.”

TELL ME ABOUT IT! You literally have no idea how hard it has been making sure no one ruins anything. I have to turn the channel multiple times in one sitting so I don’t watch a single preview or clip. Then on Facebook, someone’s status gave something away. And to make matters worse, my boss also let out a big spoiler. It’s been so ridiculously hard.

So, back to yesterday. I was buying a water in the Twilight zone on campus yesterday. The girl in front of me had the last Harry Potter book with her and the cashiers said, “Will you help us remember the order they found the horcruxes?”

The girl was about to start listing them and I was thinking of all my options. I could run. No, that would look like I’m stealing. I could just get out of line. No, I really needed that water. Only one option left…


Yes, I shouted out like a madwoman, tried to make some jokes so they didn’t think I was such a weirdo, but they just kinda looked at me. I don’t care what they think. What was important  was that they didn’t ruin anything for me.

In closing, I can see several people out there who have read the books and want to spoil something for me to be funny.

If you do this, I will no longer be your friend.

“Not everyone approves of Movie Monday. I won’t say who.”

From the first preview, I’ve seemed to be the only one excited for Cowboys & Aliens. I don’t get why people aren’t freaking out like me! First of all, it combines two great movie topics. Cowboys AND aliens! I’d be happy with one or the other, but BOTH? Oh, man. Second of all, the cast is incredible. Putting Harrison Ford in there was an automatic plus, and then throw in Daniel Craig? It’s going to be great.

Next, we’ve got Captain America. Actually, I think more people are excited about this one. It’s not just me. But once again, they’ve got one of my favorite actors: Tommy Lee Jones! (It’s like the cast of The Fugitive all got together and decided to make my summer!)

And of course we’ve got Harry Potter tomorrow. I didn’t think we were going to make it, remember? But a miracle happened, we’re seeing it tomorrow at 7:30 pm (BEFORE the midnight premiere, if you didn’t catch that) and now I’m trying to gather up anything in my house that looks slightly Harry Potter-ish to wear. Any idea on the wand? I’m planning on saying (while bawling), “Mischief managed,” after the credits, so I need a REALLY good looking wand.

So, many summer movies! I was satisfied with Super 8, but they just keep releasing more and more great ones this summer! Have you seen Midnight in Paris? I can’t wait for that one to get to the Dollar theater because I hear it’s great!