Oh, hello

We went shopping this weekend to get new clothes for T.J.’s interviews this month and of course I found this little number at Gap that I instantly fell in love with.

But there was only one problem. It’s from Gap. Which means, it cost about $60. I turned to  T and said, I wish Forever 21 had this same dress for ten bucks.

Wish granted! We went to Forever 21 and I found something almost identical, different color-but oh well, for $9.00.

Closet Makeover

Last March I found out I was pregnant and the three months before that I put on a little weight, so this year I put fashion on hold and barely shopped at all. The few maternity clothes I bought were simple and rather bland, so needless to say, I’m a little behind on fashion which I’m embarrassed to say considering I helped to create BYU Style.

This Sunday we are blessing our baby at church and I wanted a new outfit since it’s the first time I’m going “out” since the baby was born. My belly pretty much feels likes pudding right now (TMI? Probably.) and I was nervous about going shopping because if things didn’t fit me right, I knew I’d probably have a meltdown from all these crazy hormones. But fortunately, I tried on two skirts (from Trendy Xchange… who knew that place was so awesome?) and BOTH of them fit perfectly! Don’t you love that? It’s almost as good as when your normal size is too big. Almost.

Then today I was looking for a blouse to go with one of the skirts and went into Forever 21 for the first time in months. The whole time I thought, boy I wish Danica Budge (my fellow BYU Styler) was here to be my fashion advisor! Fashion has changed SO much in just these past couple of months and I feel like I don’t know how to put it all together anymore! So, I just picked out a bunch of random tops hoping something would work and eventually I found a blouse that (surprisingly) worked.

I’ve now decided I’m going to take this as an opportunity to start rebuilding my wardrobe. Obviously it will take a while, but I’m excited to start looking for new fashion trends and trying to branch out of my normal selection. Wish me luck, and if you’d like, tell me what some of your fashion favs are right now via Pinterest!

Crackle and Spark

A couple weeks ago, I noticed that my hair straightener was getting hot around the handle randomly. I loved that straightener and hoped that it wasn’t a sign of its death. But a couple days later, I heard some weird crackling sounds inside of it and then smelled a strange burning smell. It was then when I knew my wonderful straightener had passed.

I got it a couple years ago (I think three?) at TJ Maxx. I randomly came across it and was super excited because it was a nice straightener but was so inexpensive. So I hoped that this time I could find another straightener with the same quality and same low price.

I did! It’s a great ceramic flat iron that came with a mini one perfect for travel. I had to post about this because I don’t think people know you can get straighteners at TJ Maxx… they have a lot of name brands, so next time you need to buy a new one, head on over there!

Bread, two dollars extra!

I was in Banana Republic the other day looking at all the clothes that don’t fit me but dreaming of the day they will when I saw something catch my eye. Colored bobby pins. Eight of them, I think. They didn’t catch my eye because they were so unique or really cute (they were just plain bobby pins, I guess the colors were cute, but nothing unusual); they caught my eye because of the price. How much do you think they were. Eight of them, on a little cut of ribbon.

One dollar? No, it’s BR. Five dollars? That seems more in the price range, right? No.

Ten dollars.


Still can’t get over it.


Honest Opinions

I was looking through my graduation photos and I realized I hate my hair right now. Then, I saw my friend’s new bob. What did this make me start to think? I need a haircut!

Here are some options:

  1. Continue growing out my hair/bangs
  2. Keep the length but get layers
  3. Keep the length but cut my bangs
  4. Get my hair thinned
  5. Get a bob

I need your feedback! Tell me what I should do! Do you think I look better with short hair?

I’m going to [navy], mother.

I have an obsession with all things nautical. Nautical clothes, nautical home furnishings, nautical shoes. If it remotely resembles anything having to do with the sea or ships, I want it.

I found this little nautical-ish get-up at the D.I. It had some huge shoulder pads that I just ripped right out. I’m not sure if the picture does it justice or portrays the seaworthy theme, but for a $3.00 find, I was pretty happy.

Sometimes I find myself browsing through baby clothes at the mall. I’m in the middle of the selection and finally think, “What am I doing here?” or, “How did I even get into this place!?” But then to get out of the baby section, I have to browse a little bit (just a little I swear!). This happened to me a few weeks ago and I found the best nautical outfits.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure nothing beats a nautical dressed baby. How adorable and classy!


I’ve noticed that when I do my hair and when I wear a cute outfit, I feel better about myself and have a brighter day + attitude. I also have noticed that my heals have been sad and lonely in my closet because they only get to be worn on Sundays.

So, I put two and two together and am trying to dig up the courage and personal stamina to wear heals consecutively for one week. Not just with skirts. Also with my skinny jeans. That’s where the courage is needed. I see girls doing it and sometimes the look amazing. Sometimes they look horrible. I must plan out my outfits very carefully so I don’t fall with the latter.

I’ll let you know how it goes will put the pics on our Byu Style blog.


The Power of High Tops

Last year I participated in the National L’Oreal Brandstorm competition. With two other team members, we created a product solution, SWOT analysis, and media plan for Diesel. The experience was a blast. We didn’t win, but it was still so exciting to compete.

But the best part of the competition was what showed up on my doorstep one afternoon.

After opening the UPS box, I discovered the most beautiful high tops I had ever laid eyes on.

My amazing brother bought these Diesel high tops for me because of Brandstorm. Is he great or what?

Commander in Chic

My friend Heidi posted about her new nail polish, so it made me just have to post about my new nail polish.

It’s called Commander In Chic. Not only is it a unique fall color, the quality really is great. I’ve got a lot of OPI nail polishes because that’s supposed to be the best brand. But I’ve got to say, Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish takes the lead. It lasted almost a whole week with chipping.

p.s. They sell it at walmart for about $2.00 cheaper than other stores.

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Daydream. Daydream. I fell asleep asleep beneath the flowers.

For a couple of hours. On a beautiful day.

Daydream. Daydream. I dream of you amid the flowers.

For a couple of hours. Such a beautiful day.