Make, Bake, and Take

I don’t do this often, but I NEEDED to post about my new favorite blog (Hannah, don’t be jealous, I love you too). My friend Emily Judd, the writer of Make, Bake, and Take, is the most crafty person I know. Almost everyday, or at least a few times a week, she posts a new shirt or dress that she created. Check her blog out!


New Feature

FYI, I have a fun new feature at the top of my blog that features four of my favorite songs/YouTube videos. Click the “+” at the top, right-hand corner, press play, and then minimize the drop down box to browse my while the videos play in the background. Hope you enjoy!

I may not be a certified therapist…

I just went through my Google reader and I have a lot of thoughts that I need to share:

  1. I need a job. A real job. I need to graduate, make money, then go shopping.
  2. I love the name Dallas. I’m adding it to the list.
  3. I have a strange relationship with my reader. I love reading/looking at all of the posts but after a while I also start hating (or extremely jealous of) some of these people when I see how cute, unique, and creative they are. So, as I used to say in fifth grade, no offense…
  4. I’m in a huge blogging funk right now. I just don’t feel inspired to talk about anything interesting. Have I ever talked about anything interesting? Have I been fooling myself this whole time?
  5. Can Martha Stewart please hire me as her minion? I’ll do everything she tells me to do (in relation to crafts and cooking, not embezzlement). Then I’ll blog about being her minion, and be able to accomplish #1.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I know that makes posts boring.

Come On

Remember how my blog is not working properly? Remember how I want to throw a bit of a tantrum today because of it?

For now, don’t judge me for it’s appearance. Hopefully you’re reading my posts on Google Reader so you didn’t even notice.





Avoid Tight Fitting Clothes.

I am always hesitant to repost an image or material making its way through the blogosphere because I want to find my own ideas to blog about. But, I couldn’t pass this one by. It’s the perfect paragraph for “one of those weeks.”

Enough's Enough

I’ve got a confession. I don’t know if this makes me boring, lame, or just a pessimist, but I’m sick of wedding blogs. Probably just because I’ve looked at them for a straight year. But post after post, nothing really changes and I’m sick of seeing the same vintage wedding over and over. Nothing is wrong with them, they’re all very beautiful and planned out exquisitely–I’m just no longer interested.

So, what does this mean? I have unsubscribed to all the wedding blogs on my Google Reader.

What doesn’t it mean? It doesn’t mean that I will stop posting pictures from my wedding because I will never get tired of seeing those photographs.

BYU Style

Oh my goodness, I can’t even handle my excitement right now.

As you know, my friend Danica and I run the BYU Style blog. It’s starting to get a decent amount of hits everyday so we have decided to upgrade the blog and give it a new look.

After all, a blog about style has to look stylish.

So, make sure you keep checking BYU Style for the new update coming soon!

xo xo


Classic Beauty

Yes, we all envy the romantic charm and stunning beauty of Audrey Hepburn, but I’m getting awfully sick and tired of seeing her in 100 posts a day on my google reader.

Gosh, and now I guess this post makes it 101.

Let’s move on to the other classics such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, and Betty Grable. Please and Thank you.

Russian Federation?

I have a fun analytics program for my blog. I love seeing where the visits are coming from across the world. Now, I’m sure the majority of those people outside of the U.S. are spammers, but it’s still interesting to look at.

Here are a few random stats from today:

Japan: 40 visits

Russian Fed: 35 visits

Latvia: 1 visit


DIY Weekend

Last weekend I told my family I was in the mood to do some “DIY Home Projects.” My dad said,

“How about you start by doing the dishes?”

Touche. Anyway, this weekend I’ve decided to work on this little number found on the blog, Wicked & Weird.

I’ll finish it off with a trip to Ikea and the D.I. to find some cheap and arty frames! What cool projects are you working on?