An Update on 21 Day Fix

It’s now been ten months since I started 21 Day Fix. December and January were pretty much two thumbs down when it came to eating on plan, February was a little better but it’s been hard to cut out the sugar to be completely honest. And now the Cadburry mini eggs have come out… ugh! I do really well during the day, but then at night want to eateateat. It’s a constant work in progress, but as I tell my challengers, if you’re moving in an overall positive direction, that’s still a great achievement. So yes, I have off days, off meals, want to eat all the kettle corn in the world, but thankfully I can balance it out and just try my best when the next meal comes around. That’s been the best thing I’ve learned from 21 day fix. All is not lost after you have an off day. Just pick yourself up and try again.

I’m still working out quite a lot. About five days a week, usually two of those days are High classes. I’m obsessed with High and wish I could go everyday. It’s a killer workout and makes cardio so much fun.

Here are photos from my fitness journey in the last couple months. Lots of workouts, sweaty selfies, protein shakes, food pics… pretty much just skip ahead because it’s for me to reflect on in the future 🙂 !

I’m still leading accountability groups for 21 day fix, so if you need a little help working out and eating healthy, message me.


New Year, New 21 Day Fix Group

I didn’t really run a group in December for 21 Day Fix because we didn’t have any newcomers and the holidays were busy, but we are back at it starting the 9th and I couldn’t be more excited for what the next round will bring! Personally, I’ll be doing 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts and sticking to a very strict meal plan, I’ve already started planning out my meals so I can see the greatest results! After all, abs are made in the kitchen. I realized I’ve been doing this for nearly 9 months and it’s exciting to see how far I’ve come, yet realize physical health is an ongoing and ever continuing process. Last year my goal was to lose 25 pounds, I lost about 33 (well 35, but Christmas goodies caught up to me!), and so this year I want to lose 10 pounds but really focus on toning my body. I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself “toned.” So, it’s a new goal for me completely! But I know 21 Day Fix can get me there! Message me for details, it really is more fun to do the accountability group with friends!

Here’s my very first video I made about my 21 Day Fix journey.

All I’ve Got

I’m heading into my last weekend of my third 21 Day Fix round! As of today I’m down 19.6 pounds since starting 21 DF on May 2nd and although I have lost a little more than 20 pounds now total this year, I really want to push it these next couple days to hit the -20 mark in 3 rounds (so 2 months!). I’m .4 away which is totally obtainable in a couple days but I’ve gotta push it! It’s been an awesome couple of months and I can’t believe how I was able to do it in such a short time. My original goal was to lose 15, but then I made it 20 and now I want to lose ten more!!! The next ten I’m expecting to be much harder and probably take another three rounds, but I’m up for the challenge!

So, friends… make today awesome. Make each day count!


Today is last day you could order the stuff for 21 Day Fix and get it on time to start on Monday! So, if you’ve wanted to join the group, get on it! I’ve talked to a bunch of you and I know you probably have some reservations about it all, they’re probably the exact ones I had before starting it all.

I had two good friends start talking about 21 Day Fix at the end of 2015. I was so impressed with both of their before/afters and all that they had to say about the program. One of my friends was also a mom and had lost tons of baby weight so I was particularly interested in her journey as it was what I hoped I could achieve. I asked for some details and was really motivated to try it except for two things:

  1. Shakeology. It sounded like a ripoff. I wasn’t aware that it was a creditable protein powder. I was worried it was just another scheme, like a pill/wrap/diet drink which I’m totally against.  I was breastfeeding so I wasn’t sure if it was okay to use while doing that.
  2. $$$. Yeah, initially it’s kind of expensive.

So, because of those two factors, I told my friends I wasn’t interested and moved on.

Except I couldn’t. I kept seeing my mommy-friend post how she had so much energy (which I desperately needed), see how she was able to fit in a workout even with a baby crawling around her, how she looked so awesome in her bikini. I wanted those things. I tried to lose weight on my own. But at the end of the day (literally), I would cheat and give in to any and every excuse.

So, after waiting around for a couple months, I took the leap. I joined my friend’s challenge group, invested a little bit and am so glad I did. Here’s what I’ve learned, easing those initial reservations.

  1. Shakeology is legit. It’s not a scheme. It’s not a diet drink. It’s got a substantial amount of calories in it, actually. It supplements and balances your nutrition with lots of vitamins, proteins, and super foods. It’s filling and most importantly, it’s SO good. I joke with my friend who I’ve done this with asking if I could use it for all of my meals because I seriously crave it all the time. It’s made me be able to stop craving junk food, get in an extra serving of fruit and veggies, and is 100% safe when breastfeeding.
  2. The money part… It’s on sale for $140 right now, the entire challenge pack. So, that’s a month’s worth of shakeology (which if you end up not liking, they’ll refund you completely), all the dvds, the container system, and the accountability group. After that initial cost, it’s free if you choose not to continue with Shakeology. You can continue being in the accountability groups, you can continue doing the 21 day fix rounds because you already have the dvds and nutrition part! So, $140 … invest in YOURSELF! In something LONG-LASTING. Stop complaining about your weight and work towards it. Give up going out to eat or give up buying clothes for month. Put it towards something that matters and that will make you happy!

Hope that helped answer some of your questions about it all! It’s been so fun getting to share this journey with you!

What 21 Day Fix is NOT




  1. Too good to be true. It’s not a diet pill/magic wrap/weird drink that instantly makes you skinnier. Yes, there is Shakeology, but it’s just a protein powder filled with super foods made to balance and supplement your nutrition while working out each day.
  2. An easy fix. It takes work. You only get out what you put in. If you do the workouts and use the container systems, you’ll get results. If you cheat, if you don’t workout each day, it won’t work.
  3. A scam. It’s made by the same people (Beachbody) who made p90x and Insanity (that’s when I knew it had to be good), which most people have all heard of or tried. The workouts and nutrition part are all made by professionals and they work… I’m proof!
  4. A starvation based diet. I’m full each day, but filled with healthy, fresh food. There have only been two or three days where I’ve felt hungry and that’s only because I didn’t space out my meals good enough.
  5. Boring. The workouts change everyday so I never get bored of what we’re doing. Weights, cardio, cardio with weights, pilates, yoga… a huge selection. And believe it or not, I sweat HARD in those 30 minute workouts!

Why x 5

Listen, I know I’m talking your ear off about the 21 Day Fix. I promise I’ll cool down in a couple days when my challenge group starts. It’s actually been really fun reflecting on it all and figuring out what has worked for me and how my goals have changed! Here’s a little exercise you should try if you’re in the challenge group or considering starting 21 Day Fix next week with us!

The Containers Explained

A couple of you have asked about the 21 Day Fix container system and how it all works. Here’s a basic run down!

Surround Yourself

I love this. I came across this saying on Pinterest and think it’s so wise. Isn’t that why we go to Sunday School? Why our parents told us to choose good friends back in the day? Why we went to study groups in college? Why we do challenges on Fitbit? When we want to be successful in something, increase our knowledge and REALLY grow, we do it in groups of people who get it! Senior year of high school I did a Pilates class with a friend multiple times a week. That was one of the fittest times in my life. In college, I’d go to the gym with my friend and we’d push each other on the bikes (while watching LOST) and my legs were the leanest they had ever been. It should come to no surprise that having a group of people in the same boat as you, who are achieving their goals and working hard, brings us our own personal success as well. But so often we get into slumps, think we can do it on our own, but slowly lose passion for those goals. They go on the back-burner and are never achieved.

So, figure out your goals. What do you want to achieve? Find people who are working on the same thing/has achieved it and work with them!

As I mentioned before, I’m starting a challenge group for 21 Day Fix starting on one week from Monday (so, the 27th!). It’s basically just eating clean, exercising everyday, and having a support group to push you to do your best. Want to jump in? Message me!



Simply Nourishment


Food is just food. Yeah, simple enough, I know. But it’s one thing I’ve learned doing the 21 day fix. Before, food was my reward. Food was my treat. Food was what was stopping me from reaching my health goals. It wouldn’t matter how much exercise I would do. If I ate junk, I’d feel like junk, and ultimately, I wouldn’t lose weight. So, no. Food is not a reward. Food is just food. Once you wrap your head around that, you’ll be able to break the cycle!

As I mentioned before, I’m starting a challenge group for 21 Day Fix starting on one week from Monday (so, the 27th!). It’s basically just eating clean, exercising everyday, and having a support group to push you to do your best. Want to jump in? Message me!


Giving Yourself Grace


I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot recently. A lot of times we talk about how we need to give ourselves a break, give ourselves some grace now and again. I definitely think that’s true, heck, I wrote all about it a couple months ago in my anxiety triggers post. But then again, I also think at times that can lead us to settling. Being toooo easy on ourselves, if you will, can also be debilitating. So, if you give yourself TOO MUCH grace, you’re doing yourself an inservice. And if you give yourself TOO LITTLE, you’re also doing yourself an inservice.

Where’s the balance?

A couple months ago, TJ and I were eating dinner and talking about our health, diet, weight, etc, which pretty much has been the constant conversation piece since January as both of us have been trying to get healthier. I told him that I was done. I’d try and eat healthy when I could, but I deserved treats because sometimes life is hard. And chocolate is delicious. It’s just too time consuming to worry about it all the time. I told him I was going to be content where I was and just move on. He said he understood, considering how often I had been talking about it, he probably was relieved.

The next day, literally the next morning when I was trying to find an outfit for the day, I was in tears over how nothing was fitting me like it used to. How I had a huge closet of cute clothes, yet nothing fit like I wanted. TJ asked why I was in tears, I gave him the rundown (as if he had never heard it before). He asked what happened to how I felt last night? I couldn’t say I was going to be content, but then cry when all of my clothes weren’t fitting.

That was a wake-up moment for me. I either was going to settle where I was right then and there. But if so, I couldn’t cry anymore about my clothes not fitting. I couldn’t look in the mirror anymore and think I wasn’t good enough. My other choice was to do it. Stop making excuses each day. Stop giving myself TOO much grace. Stick to a plan consistently and lose the weight. It’s not magic, it’s science, but it’s hard.

To put it simply, I could either do this hard thing or not.

Well, that was two months ago and I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come and I’m glad I didn’t settle. Yes, I still occasionally give myself grace. If I sometimes sneak a little cookie or miss a workout, I move on and try harder but it doesn’t derail me. I just do better the next day or even the next hour!

We can do hard things, we’ve just got to push ourselves!

I’m starting a challenge group for 21 Day Fix starting in two weeks from tomorrow (so, the 27th!). It’s basically just eating clean,  exercising everyday, and having a support group to push you to do your best… let me know if you want in. Email me here.