Carrie O.

This is my friend Carrie:

I think I have blogged about her before. But because she left the 100th comment on my blog, I thought I would devote a post just to her.

So anyway, Carrie is from Oklahoma, which automatically makes her awesome because it’s a random home state, just like mine!  We lived in the same Freshman dorm hall together.

Our friendship grew on the day of her birthday, our freshman year.  It was during Thanksgiving break, so no one was home in our hall and I just got back into town. I was so sad that she didn’t have anyone to celebrate with on her birthday, so we hung out in my dorm room together.  We had a bunch of laughs, especially when I put on a fashion show for her with all my ugly clothes….”You may think this is an animal!”

Well, Carrie and I became good friends, along with her roommate Bianca and my roommate Dana.  Probably the best memory I have of all of us was when we went to East High in Salt Lake where High School Musical was filmed.  We were all totally obsessed with HSM and especially with Zac Efron and ashamed to say it now, Vanessa Hudgens.  In fact, on the way there, we saw a limo, convinced ourselves that they were inside and I was so excited, I cried.

We even made a video to a song from HSM.  (It may seem like we were lovers in this video, but it’s supposed to be two friends upset at each other… plus we couldn’t find a boy who’d do it for us…)

To wrap up this post, I will write one of my famous acrostic poems:

C is for Cramming all of her work into the last minute, because she likes to procrastinate, just like me.

A is for Advertising because that’s her major.  We are always in classes together and love working together.

R is for Refined.  Carrie never says anything mean or rude.  She is the sweetest!

R is for Really happy.  Carrie always is smiling and laughing!  She’s never in a bad mood, and if she is, she laughs it off!

I is for I’m jealous of her Zac Efron posters.

E is for Especially looks like D.J. from Full House when she gets “Yearbooked”

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