Can I be on both teams?

On Monday, I noticed a few girls from my ward talking about having a party to watch The Bachelorette finale. I hadn’t seen any of the episodes, but I knew I wanted to be in attendance because of the guest list. Plus, I am in some need of girl friends.

Yeah. It’s kind of a depressing topic. I have lots of friends, I do. But it’s really hard to find/keep close girl friends that you could just call up and go shopping with or just hang out with on a Monday night. I think it’s because once you get married, your best friend and your entire world is your husband. Which is how it’s supposed to be. But every girl NEEDS a couple girl friends on the side for an occasional froyo run.

Am I right?

Anyway, back to this Bachelorette finale. I told the gals I was in, tried to make some homemade toffee (my speciality… or so I thought until I burnt it), picked up some Kisses instead, and headed over to Sarah‘s house. She was such a wonderful hostess and provided delicious and romantic food for us to enjoy, such as chocolate covered strawberries and white chocolate popcorn (which reminds me, I really need that recipe). And an added romantic bonus, she lit candles to really set the mood for the finale.

Sarah’s house was the perfect place for such a party (not to mention, I got to see her darling daughters) because of her projector screen and DVR. The funniest part of the whole night was that in every commercial break, instead of fast forwarding, we just paused the commercials and chatted about what had just happened and who’s team we were on.

JP! No, wait… BEN! Or maybe I do like JP… I DON’T KNOW! Both?

So, that was the night. It was wonderful and I hadn’t laughed so much with a bunch of girls in a while. And let’s just say, I cannot wait for The Bachelor season to start!

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  1. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    with posts like these, i’ll just go ahead and fly back to provo tomorrow. can’t wait to be back for those froyo runs and shopping trips for baby and hangouts on monday nights. or every night. no way of knowing.


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