But now I’m gold.

There are times in my marriage when I feel completely twitter-pated with my husband. Clearly, I’m always in love with him. But every once in a while, I just melt when he does anything cute. Kisses, phone calls, texts, a smile. You name it, I ooh and awe all over it. That’s how it’s been lately. The best part is, although my life isn’t perfect, I feel that our relationship is pretty darn close.

Tonight, I watched all of our wedding video footage. The night before we were married, we had a dinner and after I tried to sing him a song (and cried during the most important parts), T.J. read me a poem that he wrote.

On our mortal journey experience has shown,

When beginning the climb you start off alone.

There are chances to learn and experiences to grow,

But I’ve gone as far as I alone can go.

When my feet became heavy and began to tire,

You reached down your hand and said, “I’ll take you higher.”

Looking towards God with your hand in mine,

With singleness of heart, the three of us climb.

Sometimes a valley and sometimes a peak,

But never losing sight of the heights we seek.

Needing support and sometimes correction,

I’m glad we’re together on our eternal perfection.

Like I said, life isn’t always perfect. But together, T.J. and I can make it there together. I’m sorry for being so sappy, but I just am so grateful for my husband. He’s my best friend. My silver lining.

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