I am not fat, I am pregnant. 

I am not fat, I am pregnant… I am not fat, I am pregnant… IamnotfatIampregnant…

Nope. Didn’t work this time.

Oh, no… Here come the tears.

Maybe looking in the mirror will help.

Even worse. What was I thinking?

Try to hold back the tears so T.J. doesn’t think I’m crazy.

Yeah, right.

Start the meltdown.


Yes, I know the pregnant body is “beautiful” but I this morning when I was trying to find something to wear, I didn’t FEEL beautiful considering I practically have a soccer ball strapped to my stomach. And the worst part is… I’m only 25 weeks! If I feel this huge and awkward now, what is going to be like as I get farther down the road?!?


Is it December yet?


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  1. Kari
    Kari says:

    Oh sweetie!!! I promise…you will survive…and then you’ll have an awesome baby to snuggle close and thank for your body never looking the same again! lol- really, it doesn’t last forever and one day every stretch mark (even the ones in the places you never thought you’d have stretch marks!) will become a badge of honor! Lots of love to you!

  2. Elise
    Elise says:

    You should look back at how big I was when I was pregnant. Seriously, I was HUUUUGE. It will make you feel better about yourself, I promise 🙂 And I remember not feeling cute at all, and nothing fitting correctly. But then I just had to think of how worth it all would be. And oh my goodness, is it ever!!! Can’t wait to see you and your cute baby bump this weekend!


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