Bowling with the Family

Before last week, I hadn’t bowled in years. I think the last time I was a sophomore in college and went with T.J. on a date. We both agreed it’s never as fun as you think it’s going to be because of how terrible we are. But over the break, we decided to take the kids bowling because there wasn’t much to do with it being so cold outside. I still played terribly, but it was actually tons of fun! The girls were all so cute and got excited each time it was their turn. They’d also give hugs to each of us after we bowled. Adorable. We went to a newer bowling alley, so it was really fancy-much nicer than most of the smoky bowling alleys I grew up going to-and they had really good food, surprisingly! We had such a good time that Eva and I already have started talking about going again here in NYC if we can find a good place.

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