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Today is one of the best days. Ever. I’ve been looking over some financial stuff, trying to plan for the baby, and then I thought I should check T.J.’s BYU financial account to see if his FAFSA went through or if there were still some to-do items there. Mind you, I hadn’t checked for about a month, and then randomly I decide to check today. Today. Which happened to be one hour after they posted his financial aid money!

T.J. was granted more than enough money to pay for both Fall and Winter tuition. Pell Grants. We will never have to pay it back because sometimes it just pays to be poor.

Also, because T.J. is a very talented graphic designer (I’m not kidding, I’m always amazed when I see his work), he ALSO got a scholarship for Fall semester. So, that will cover for other costs/insurance/etc.

This baby won’t be delivered in a cardboard box after all! Things really have a way of working out, don’t they!

And… I get to see Harry potter in three hours.

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