Birthday Month

March has started which means it is officially birthday month. My sister’s birthday was on the 6th, my sister-in-law’s and father-in-law’s are this coming week, and mine is at the end of the month. So, we celebrated Lacey’s at Red Lobster this weekend. It was T.J.’s first time eating there and he, of course, loved it. He got crab legs and I got the coconut shrimp. Delish. Oh, and fun fact for my parents, I finally like crab! Of course, growing up I hated it which was lame since we would go to Florida and eat seafood often. But I tried T.J.’s crab and thought it was wonderful.

Eva was an angel at the restaurant. She finally is getting to the point where she can entertain herself pretty well. So she sat contently on my lap while we enjoyed our meal.

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