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Be of good cheer.

Today I met with some people today to move the medicaid process along and it turns out we do not qualify this month because we are so dang wealthy. Oh wait a minute, we are still really poor and are just barely over the limit this summer because we have more hours. Fortunately (?), next month we will qualify, but it just means that the process is going to be dragged out even longer.

Upon hearing this news, I had a mild meltdown in my car, but then some words came to my mind.

The future is as bright as your faith.

President Monson said that two years ago, and someone mentioned it at church this past Sunday. Pretty cool when we get those little promptings right?

Things will work out, they always do. Not always in the ways we plan, so we just need to have faith.

The following Mormon Message is more for me than for you. But maybe you need to hear it too.

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