My boss hates bananas and today we were talking about her condition and it reminded me of this story.

Once upon a time when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I had a fever of 104 degrees. My parents thought I just had the flu really bad so they were going to give me some medicine.

The only thing was that I wouldn’t swallow pills back then.

So, to solve this problem my parents ground up the medicine and were going to put it in some applesauce.

The only thing was that we didn’t have any applesauce.

So, they smashed up bananas.

Smashed bananas with medicine all mushed together for a deathly sick child, not one of their nicest ideas.

With every bite there was an accompanying gag. It permanantly scarred me.

To this day, I can only eat greenish-yellow bananas if they are sliced very small or else I’ll get too much in my mouth and it reminds me of that awful day.

Oh, and a nice little ending to that story: I had pneumonia so the medicine did nothing for me. It was a complete waste.

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