Back to School for Eva

Eva started Pre-K the first week of September and is at a new school this year in the neighborhood. She (and I) absolutely love it… much more creative learning and hands-on projects, plus it’s amazing to have it so close.

Obviously I got a little sentimental the day before she started. While Finn was napping, we had some one-on-one time outside and just chatted and played with chalk. It was a simple day but so sweet. Then when TJ came home, instead of putting her to bed at 7 like usual, I took her out for a little ice-cream. Some days are hard with a four year old, but most days and most moments are the best. She is such a sweetheart and I love her so much! Can’t believe in one year she will be going to Kindergarten!

img_0002-4 img_0003-6 img_0009-7 img_0005-7 img_0007-8 img_0008-7 img_0010-6

She has changed so much in one year!

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