Bachelor {Watching} Party

Every Monday night, Eva and I head on over to my friend Sarah’s house with a bunch of other girls and watch The Bachelor. I’ve never watched the show until the finale of The Bachelorette last season, nor did I ever have any desire to watch the show. But watching it with a bunch of girls each week where we make fun of almost every line (they compare every date to relationships… “If we can climb this mountain, we will be able to climb the mountains we face in marriage.”) Anyway, it’s a fun girls’ night each week that I really look forward to.

This week, most girls dressed up because it was Valentine’s day on Tuesday. I was up in AF for the majority of the day so I didn’t get to dress up, but check out some of these girls! Mostly Erin who wore her prom dress from High School. She’s awesome. They’re all awesome!

The group. Believe it or not, there were even more but they left before we took the photo.

The start of the “Prom-ish” photos

I guess I was Kathleen’s date, so we decided for our pose, I would touch her tiny baby bump.

Then I realized it was really creepy/weird/bizarre that we were doing this and said, “What will our husbands think when they see these photos?!”

But that didn’t stop Sarah and Erin from taking some reenactment photos of when Ben proposed to the Bachelorette last season.

Hannah put Eva on a plate. Don’t know why it was so cute, but it just was.

And to top it all off, gotta love how Ben looks like Francine from Arthur.

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