Baby Jack

I held a little baby this weekend.

I hadn’t held a baby for so long, I forgot how to do it.

He started to cry, I talked to him like an adult.

“No, Jack, none of that.  You need to stop crying.”

He kept crying.  I handed him back.

I babysat every weekend as a teenager, but I still feel clueless about what to do with kids and if I’m doing it right.  A babysitter is not a mother.

I’m only asking this because I’m curious, not because it relates to my life in any way, nor will it relate to my life for a long, long time, but… when you become a mother, do those instincts just kick in?  How do you learn how to hold a baby right?  How do you make him stop crying?  What if those things don’t work?  How come some people seem like they will be perfect mothers and others just don’t have it in them?

And no, Danica, I didn’t catch “The Fever”…

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