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Baby Shower Back Home

When I was back in Kentucky, my mom and my sister Ashley threw me a baby shower. It was overwhelming to see how many people were there supporting me and crazy to think how each of them affected me in my life. There were many past Sunday School teachers, Young Women leaders, neighbors, and old friends from high school in attendance.

One of the activities at the shower was where everyone wrote the baby a little note of advice. I just read through them this morning and they were so sweet. Some of them even brought tears to my eyes. Here’s what my friend Blair from high school wrote… hers made me laugh and I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing it. (The first bullet point is referring to when my mom gave me mashed bananas instead of apple sauce for my medicine.)

The baby got a lot of great gifts. So many cute clothes (even baby jeggings thanks to my friend Beth from church), a hand crocheted baby blanket from Mrs. Doran (a neighbor that has been like my second mom growing up), and gift cards that  bought the changing table.

I wish I would have remembered to take pictures of the whole group, but we only took a couple. Thanks again to my mom and sister for making the shower a success.

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