Baby Phat

So, going along the new theme of the blog, here is my memory of the day (MOTD):

When I was little, I was chubby. Mostly in my cheeks and legs. My mom said it was just baby fat and that it would eventually go away. Really? When will that occur? I’m still waiting…

Anyway, I was in preschool. Yes, this memory scarred me so much that I can remember it from preschool. I was at the park in Fort Thomas with the other classmates and their moms. My mom decided to put me on the swings. But instead of putting me on the regular swing, she forgot about the baby fat and and put me in the baby swings.

After a few pushes, I got bored and decided it was time to climb out.

“Oh, wait a second. What’s going on? I can’t get out!”

My chunky little legs couldn’t get out of those little tiny holes. My mom tried to pull me out. It wouldn’t budge. We got someone to pull the swing down while Mom pulled me up. It wouldn’t budge.

“Should we cut her out?”

“Should we call the fire department?”

Then my mom shouted,


Luckily we were at a park and bubbles were at a moment’s reach. The kids and their moms gathered around the chubby kid crying on the swings while her mother poured bubbles down her pants and all around the baby swing.

Fortunately, it worked. Unfortunately, I was completely embarrassed and it looked like I wet my pants.

Horrifying then. Hilarious now.

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