Baby Day!

Turns out I’m being induced today! (I’m writing this on Tuesday, so unless I go into labor early and can’t change the date this post publishes, this should be true.) I was supposed to have my doctor’s appointment on Thursday, but the weekend before I started having some nausea and back cramps so I changed the appointment to Monday. I kept telling myself there would be no news, the doctor even agreed. But he threw me a curveball and asked if I wanted to be induced this week because there was actually some progress down there! I thought about it for about fifteen seconds, considered waiting until the next week, but selfishly decided I wanted this baby out… I’m not getting any smaller, and neither is that baby! Ha! So, there you have it. It’s baby day!

Here’s a photo of me when I was induced with Eva and her birth story… can’t believe I’m doing this again! Keep us in your prayers!


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