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Baby, Baby, Baby

First off, I can’t really describe how great the Justin Bieber movie is. You just need to see it. Even if you don’t like his style of music, it is just an entertaining, inspiring movie. Plus, I think we need to support movies that are clean and motivational. So much of the media is dirty and degrading, and so it was refreshing to finally see a fun movie that had a good message.

Let me paint you a little picture:

I got to the theater at about 10 PM, which is much later than previously planned. Usually, I arrive to midnight showings around seven to get the WHOLE experience and to get a good place in line. But this didn’t have as big of a following, seeing that most of the believers would need their moms to drop them off or even stay with them through the entire movie.

The theater was empty, with the exception of about two other groups: about 3 or 4 high school girls and a handful of obnoxious freshman boys.

As soon as I walked in, I knew it was was going to be an awesome experience full of stories. The boys got out of their seats and filed into the row right behind me. Seeing that I was alone, they thought they could have a little fun, I guess? I immediately got Hannah on the phone, using my left hand. The boys were talking to me, I pretended not to notice and then I heard one say, “Oh, she’s got a ring on…”

I got off the phone and one of the boys said, “Sooooo, is your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband joining you tonight.”

Wishing I could say yes, I had to tell them no my husband was at home and I was meeting a girlfriend of mine here.

They immediately left and went back to their original seats, but Hannah and I heard them through the whole movie making loud obnoxious comments.

Finally, Hannah met me and we got to watch some kids make T-Shirts in the theater. Thought they would have gotten in trouble, but no one seemed to care. We saw some more great flirting go down and were reminded how lucky we were to finally be out of that stage of life.

This is my asian friend, Hannah.

Then the movie started. We laughed. We cried. We sang. We danced. It was THE best movie premiere I’ve been to, and went down as one of the best movies I have ever seen. Sad, but true. I’m so glad we decided to go, I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, but boy was I wrong.

I am a believer of Justin Bieber. If you can figure out a way for me to convince T.J. to let me hang up a poster of Justin in our bedroom, let me know. Please and Thank you.

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