Aye Aye Problem

Sunday morning, I got ready for church (tried on about 8 outfits until I found one that I liked), did my hair, makeup, then got ready to brush my teeth.

When I opened the cap of the toothpaste, a flick of toothpaste was shot into my left eye. With just one blink, and hoping what had happened really didn’t happened, my eye burned terribly. Imagine pouring some soap with peppermint extract into your eye. Or just imagine putting Crest Pro-Health toothpaste into your eye.


T.J. had no idea what was going on. All of a sudden, I started sobbing, and washing out my eye. I got him to read the label to see what it says to do when you get toothpaste in your eye.

Turns out it doesn’t occur enough to put directions on the bottle for that.

I proceeded to wash out my eye for another half an hour, then felt sorry for my burning eye for another three hours on the couch. I built a few eye patches, but nothing could soothe the ol’ minty eye.

Plus the eye patches just encouraged more pirate jokes from T.J.


But I am happy to say that it finally felt better by the end of the night and today I was able to wear my contacts. I was super careful about opening the toothpaste today, don’t you worry.

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  1. Sean
    Sean says:

    That is hilarious. Sad, but very funny. I’ve got sun-block in my eyes before, and that was pretty terrible, but this sounds way worse.

    Glad your eye (and you, too, I suppose) survived it. :p


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