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Halloween Parties

TJ’s parents threw a cousin Halloween party for the kids. They decorated sugar cookies, had a dance-off, watched a few Halloween shows, and did a few little crafts together. Holly and I dressed up as Mario and Luigi for our class. The kids were pirates for Halloween. I thought they were pretty cute!  TJ was […]

Horsetail Falls

I got one last hike in this fall one afternoon with my friend Robyn. It was more difficult than I had expected but so worth the climb! The falls were so pretty! I can’t wait to hike it next summer again. Thanks for joining me, Robyn!

The Ice Princess

Eva did a little photoshoot for a dress-up company and they turned out so cute! I need to find the link to the photographer so I can get the rest of them! Somehow I’ve lost the information!

Jazz Games

TJ works as a Graphic Designer for Vivint and the Jazz play at the Vivint Arena in SLC, so because of that, we get a lot of free tickets to games and events. We’ve lucked out even more this year because TJ designed the HomeCourt space ( see some of the photos below) for Vivint […]

Fall Festivities

We went to the Library Halloween Night. They had all of these Halloween stories out that you read as you walked through the aisles. The lights were off and we used flashlights to read. It was such a fun evening. We made lots of sugar cookies! We drove through the Alpine Loop to see the […]

The Kentuckians come to Utah

My parents got to come to Utah for a few days over my mom’s Fall break. We had a few days of nice weather, then it got pretty cold. But thankfully we got to do a lot of fun things while they were in town still. Once we picked them up from the airport, we […]

Wrapping Up September

Finn loves wearing our shoes. I loved this little number he threw together. Finn was scared when watching a show one night and kept covering his face like this. I made a lot of freezer meals in September, it’s been so nice! HIGH Fitness fun with friends. Nearly every day, we’d wake up, ride bikes, […]

Vivint Night at Lagoon

One Thursday evening in September, TJ’s work rented out Lagoon and provided tickets and dinner to their employees. We had a few extra so we even got to bring along our neighbors, Zach and Olivia. Eva loved getting to ride all the kid rides as much as she wanted since there weren’t really any lines […]

To Vegas and Back

You may or may not know that I worked for my dad’s marketing business. I just work part time from home and have done so since college. It’s a perfect little gig and nice to have my dad as my boss. Last month, one of our clients needed help at the Interbike show in Vegas […]