Arches National Park

I’ve had a hankering to hike recently. Mostly a hankering to just get out and be in SUN. I noticed that Moab was supposed to be in the 70s last weekend so I convinced TJ into doing a day trip!

It was an absolute gorgeous day, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. We left around 8 am, got there at 11:30, ate lunch in Moab then we were in the park by 12:30. We just did all the little “hikes” since TJ and I had done the bigger ones before and Finn’s pretty heavy to carry on longer ones. Finn fell asleep in the car in between arches so for two of them, I just took Eva up while TJ sat in the car with Finny. We finished the night visiting TJ’s grandma which was a great evening and made it so the kids slept the whole way home. If you’re in Utah county with kids, I totally recommend doing this as a day trip. You could spend the night if you wanted so you could do a longer hike in addition to the others, but we thought it was perfect.

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