Apples and Bananas

Growing up, my mom drove a station wagon. It was a Ford Taurus Wagon, to be exact (I think?).

This is exactly what it looked like.

Before that station wagon, we had a station wagon. The old one was totaled in an accident and so all of us kids thought we might finally get lucky and get to ride around in a van. A Dodge Caravan, to be exact (because those were cool?).

This is what the old one looked like, except ours was a dashing navy color.

But no, after the first totaled wagon, our parents drove home a new, yet barely updated and poorly designed ford taurus station wagon. Fortunately, it wasn’t one with wood panels on it–my mom always liked those.

Who wouldn't want a car with wood paneling?

We got used to it and tried to work our lives around it. For example, I always wanted Dad to take us and pick us up from school so we wouldn’t have to take the station wagon (and I loved his conversation too, we always had great times on those rides but that’s besides the point). If I knew my mom was going to pick me up from school, I’d walk a little bit so I wouldn’t have to be seen getting in that car (that was when I was really young, I know it makes me shallow, but you know how that was as a kid… right?).

It was fun to roll around in when you put the board down in the back-the ultimate rolly-polly game. It also was fun looking at the people in the car behind us, but completely awkward if we ever met eyes.

But that wagon stunk. And I will tell you why.

My mom (I love you mom, but this story is funny and needs to be written down), she would eat a banana or apple and try to throw the core or peel out the window, and (more times than not) it wouldn’t make it out the window. It would splatter against the side, the window, the dashboard etc. and leave a nice fruity residue.

Another reason I’m telling this story is because I, as you know, am slowly turning into my mother-the Nanster. So, what happened to me today? I ate a banana on my way to the gym and was ready to throw the peel out the window.

WHAT? I always told my mom that she was littering when she did that or that it made us look trashy! And now, here I am, impulsively wanting to throw the peel out the window just like my mom years ago?

Fortunately, I came to my senses, held on to the peel and threw it in the trash can on my way out.

Oh, the Taurus and the many memories….

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