And the baby’s name is…


Pronunciation: No-nah-mee

As in, we still haven’t come up with a baby name that we are sold on/agree on. I’ve read the books. I’ve checked the apps. I’ve visited the websites. I even have a ginormous chalk board with about 20 favorite names. But we still can’t decide.

On the topic of baby, I had a dream about her.

“Noname” came out in a body of a 16-month old. A toddler. I was trying to breastfeed her, holding her in that football style I read about, and she wrapped around my whole body. Her mouth was so big that… well… it was awful. I was embarrassed to take her out to the mother’s group because she was so much bigger than the other babies and the other mothers judged me.

Oh, Noname, please don’t come out that big. I know my mom had an 11 pounder, but please… PLEASE, stop growing…

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