And I’m Back!

The blogging funk has ended. To tell you the truth, it was hard for me to write anything for these past few months because the biggest thing going on in my life, I couldn’t share with you quite yet. But now that we have covered that area, I have sooooo much to tell you!

So, I guess I could answer for you all some questions people have been asking.

When did we find out?

I found out March 28th, the day after my birthday (craziest birthday gift I’ve ever received!). I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it through finals, I was so tired and having that on top of the of the senioritis was a killer. Thankfully our semester ended in April and I made it through okay.

Do I want a girl or a boy?

I obviously would love a little girl so I can put her in cute headbands and dresses, but little boys are adorable and aren’t as much drama (so I’ve heard). I kind of feel like it’s a little boy, but who knows. Oh wait, we will… at our next appointment. I can’t wait!

Have I been sick?

It hasn’t been that bad, although there have been days I just wanted to sleep all day. My doctor described it perfectly to us, I’m in the the “Blah” stage. I never know what I want to eat, I never feel like doing anything, and I just don’t feel like myself. The nauseousness at one point was awful but has gotten better and the only thing that is still bothering me other than the sleepiness is that everything smells and tastes differently. I hate Diet Coke now (which is good because I really shouldn’t be drinking it) and I wear a face mask when I’m at home because the smell makes me sick. It looks ridiculous but it works like a charm.

Do I have a baby bump?

A little one. I kind of wish I had a big belly instead of where I am now because it just looks like I’ve been eating a lot of donuts. But, I’m sure a few months down the road, I’ll be dreaming of these early days.

Alright, I think that covers it! Oh and a fun little fact is that our baby is due two weeks after Dustin and Lindsey’s baby is due (Dustin is T.J.’s brother). We’re going to have a fun Christmas with all these little babies! Wouldn’t it be nuts if they were born the same day?




I’ll get a picture of T.J. as a baby soon!


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