An Update on 21 Day Fix

It’s now been ten months since I started 21 Day Fix. December and January were pretty much two thumbs down when it came to eating on plan, February was a little better but it’s been hard to cut out the sugar to be completely honest. And now the Cadburry mini eggs have come out… ugh! I do really well during the day, but then at night want to eateateat. It’s a constant work in progress, but as I tell my challengers, if you’re moving in an overall positive direction, that’s still a great achievement. So yes, I have off days, off meals, want to eat all the kettle corn in the world, but thankfully I can balance it out and just try my best when the next meal comes around. That’s been the best thing I’ve learned from 21 day fix. All is not lost after you have an off day. Just pick yourself up and try again.

I’m still working out quite a lot. About five days a week, usually two of those days are High classes. I’m obsessed with High and wish I could go everyday. It’s a killer workout and makes cardio so much fun.

Here are photos from my fitness journey in the last couple months. Lots of workouts, sweaty selfies, protein shakes, food pics… pretty much just skip ahead because it’s for me to reflect on in the future 🙂 !

I’m still leading accountability groups for 21 day fix, so if you need a little help working out and eating healthy, message me.


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