An Afternoon with Eva

On Saturday, Eva and I went to Seven Peaks together. It was the first time I had gone without someone else and I was a little concerned if I’d enjoy myself or if I could handle Eva without any help. For the most part, it turned out to be great. We sat in the shallow part of the wave pool for most of the time while Eva splashed and crawled in the water.

We then got a tube and tried to venture out to the deeper end of the pool to enjoy the waves. First of all, if anyone was watching me trying to get on that tube while holding Eva, they were probably laughing out loud at me. It took about four attempts, but I finally got on it. Then, while holding Eva in one arm, I paddled out to the deep end with one hand. It took a good five minutes (and gave me a good one-arm workout), but we finally got there. Once the waves turned on, more and more tubes filled the pool and Eva and I enjoyed ourselves for quite some time. But then I started worrying how I would ever get back to the shallow end. There were so many people and we were getting farther and farther out. Once the waves ended I even said a prayer that somehow I’d make it back because it seemed so unlikely. I’d make some progress but then people would push me back. A man saw me struggling and asked if I needed a push! Desperately I replied saying, “YES, PLEASE!” We made it back safe and sound and I thought it was interesting that I prayed for some help, and I literally had someone push me. Pretty cool.

Needless to say, I probably won’t do that again without someone else being there. So, Hannah… COME BACK TO PROVO! And Mom, yes, I know I probably shouldn’t have done that with Eva in retrospect. Bad parenting award goes to ME!

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  1. Elise Parker
    Elise Parker says:

    Dangit, woman! We were there on Saturday!! I was just sitting at the end of the water slides while Andrew took Kaden on them over and over again.


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