An Afternoon in the City

I grew up in a suburb of Cincinnati. We lived just about ten minutes from the city and whenever we were going there, we would say something like, “We’re going downtown.” Well, I’ve realized here in the NYC area, when you say you’re going “downtown,” you are referring to the financial district or the more southern part of the island. I keep having to catch myself talking to people from around here because to me, it’s just a phrase but to them it’s an actual location and then it gets confusing. Almost as confusing as writing it down here in this paragraph.

Anyway, that was kind of besides the point. But last Saturday, we went downtown… as in, just into the city for the day. Through T.J.’s work, we get to see a lot of museums and events at a discount or at no price at all. One of which is the Museum of Modern Art. And as Roy from The Office would say, that art is the best art of all the art. But really. It is my favorite.

We only spent an hour or two there because Eva was wanting to get out of her stroller by the end, but we did get to see some of my favorites including works by Andy Warhol and Ellsworth Kelly. And no, we didn’t get to see the rain room exhibit yet. But we will go back!

After the MoMa, we went into the Knoll furniture store which is basically like another modern art museum. Their pieces are beautiful and if I had a couple hundred thousand dollars to throw around, I’d buy a couch and kitchen table from there.

We ended the night off downtown (this time I’m talking about the location) right by the new World Trade Center buildings and ate dinner at Edward’s. This restaurant has food from Cincinnati, such as Skyline, Larosas, and Graeter’s, which is why I picked this place to eat at in the first place. Turns out they only serve it once a month and Saturday was not that day… Dang it. It was still good, but we will have to go back again to have some Skyline chili and black raspberry chip ice-cream.

It was a great day and we didn’t get on any wrong subways-we’re finally getting the hang of it!

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