An Affair to Remember

We decided to celebrate Valentine’s on Friday because T.J. it was more convenient. Turns out we should have stuck to celebrating on Monday because of a  several minor catastrophes, but we got a lot of memories from the weekend and next year we will be able to look back and laugh.

Situation 1: I bought T.J. new Levi’s (for free because I had a Kohl’s gift card) and wanted to wait until Valentine’s day to give them to him. I was too excited, so on Thursday night, I laid them on the bed with a cute note for him to find when he came home and I was already asleep. He was just excited as I was so he ripped off the tags before even trying them on. Fortunately, I am a good wife and know my husband’s jean size.

Situation 2: I told T.J. that Friday night he needed to be ready by 8:00 PM, dressed in a suit and tie. He went through about 100 ideas of what we were going to do. I should have written them all down because we are always out of date ideas. He decided the surprise must be a dinner and a show. He literally couldn’t handle the anticipation so I calmed him down with another part of my V-day gift: a bottle of Martinelli’s and an hour of Arrested Development.

Situation 3: On the way to our final destination, I told him we could play 20 Questions because he was really going crazy not knowing what we were going to do. I then started to get very self conscious because the evening was going to be fun but not epic and I didn’t want his hopes to get way up. He found out we were going dancing, but thought we were going to have dance lessons somewhere. (Pretty sure if he knew anything about me, he’d know I would never do that to him or to me.) So, to his surprise, we met up with his best friend Ryan and his fiancé Kasey Anne, his brother Dustin and sister-in-law Lindsey. The evening was to be spent at the UVU Church Institute Dinner and Dance (because who turns down a free dinner with great friends?). There was a big brass jazz band (which we had at our wedding so that brought back fun memories) and although we aren’t a part of the institute, it was still a blast.

Situation 4: We all got a little tired, I decided to head home because I had been up late from the JB Premiere (ohhh gosh, what a great movie), but T.J. went and played Kinect with the rest of the group. My husband takes this game very seriously and gets very competitive. Maybe too seriously and too competitive because while playing, he hit his hand on the lightbulb hanging on the ceiling and needed to go to the E.R. All of this occurring while I was at home sleeping, T.J. found out if the cut would have gone any further he would have needed surgery. Luckily, he just needed four stitches. But still not fun. I woke to my husband climbing into bed around 2 or 3 AM telling me he just came from the hospital.

TBC in the next post…

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