Amahl and the Night Visitors

On Friday, December 21, my family and I saw Amahl and the Night Visitors on Xavier’s campus in Cincinnati. For those of you not familiar with this opera, it is about the three kings who stop by a poor woman’s home on their journey. The opera is about the interaction between the kings and the woman’s son-Amahl. We grew up listening to the music and seeing the opera every couple Christmases, but it had been quite some time since I saw it live. If you ever have the chance to see this opera, you should definitely go! The particular version we saw this year used huge puppets as the kings with the opera singers back with the orchestra. From a creativity point, it was very clever and the puppets were beautiful but I really missed seeing the expressions of the singers.

Photo Dec 22, 7 42 29 AM

Photo Dec 22, 7 43 06 AM

Unfortunately, as the night progressed, my flu was really starting to kick in. So, we hurried home after the show and I went to bed at 9!


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