Almost 15 Weeks


Well, here I am. A blurry, out of focus iPhone pic of me. I don’t have a huge bump yet, I just feel like a disproportioned bloated woman. I hate this in-between stage. I just want a real bump because my clothes just look awkward on me right now. But I am sure in a couple months I’ll be begging for this smaller bump phase, especially when I’m out in a swimsuit.

I’m still taking my nausea medicine because I’m too scared to get off of it, but it’s almost out so I think in the next week I’ll try and go off of it to see if I feel normal without it.

I’m getting blood work taken this week and then next week, the 31st, we find out the gender. So, that exciting. I’m hoping that will make all of this seem a little more real. T.J. thinks it’ll be a boy, I think it’ll be a girl, and Eva thinks SHE is having a girl in her belly and I’m having a boy, although she wants a sister. So… lots of different opinions around here. I keep referring to the baby as a “he” accidentally, so I don’t know what that means. We will be excited for whatever, we just already have tons of baby girl clothes that I want to get out again!

As of today, I still haven’t gained any weight which is really quite a miracle. I have been wanting candy all the time, so I was surprised when I stepped on the scale. I guess all the walking around here really makes a difference. I’m hoping it continues to make a difference since my starting weight was heaving with this pregnancy compared to where I was at the beginning of my pregnancy with Eva.

Other than my candy craving (especially nerd robes or chewy sprees… same as my first pregnancy), I have wanted Orange Dream Machine smoothies, chips, Chipotle/Qdoba burritos, and weirdly enough (because I generally dislike pickles)… last night I thought, I really want a fresh pickle! The other night on my burger, there were some fresh crunchy pickles and I can’t stop thinking about them. If that’s not a classic pregnancy craving, I don’t know what is!

I’ve been really emotional lately. Crying in commercials, McDonalds commercials, animal commercials, car commercials… you name it. Last night I cried to T.J. and said, “I just feeeeelllll sooooo emotionallllllll!” He couldn’t help but to laugh. Pregnancy is just weird. So many emotions all the time. I can’t handle it, apparently!

That’s all I can think about right now. Stay tuned for a post next week to find out if we’re having a boy or girl! What do you think it’ll be?


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