All Grown Up


I read this touching blog post yesterday by the writer of E Tells Tales. It really tugged on my momma-strings. If you don’t have time to click through and read her post, she is aching for more time with her toddler because it’s just going so fast. Then she shared all those little milestones in the first year-memories she wishes she could relive again.

I’m feeling the same way. Gosh, I think I’ve felt that way since the day I became a mom. Each day, each week, each month. It all goes so fast. Eva was just rolling over for the first time in front of our family at FHE. I feel like it was just yesterday she started scooting at my parents’ house. Her first smile, her first belly laugh, her first pouty face… I want to relive those times with Eva. She’s growing up too fast.

So, that’s that. I don’t want these days to slip by me.

I want Eva to be my baby girl forever.



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