“Nice to meet you, I am…”

Last weekend, T.J.’s family and I drove down to Albuquerque for his brother Dustin’s sealing and wedding reception.  When I introduced myself to the bride’s grandmother, I said,

“Nice to meet you, I am T.J.’s husband.”

After the sealing, when we were still in the sealing room, I introduced myself to Lindsay’s parents, saying,

“Nice to meet you, I am Dustin’s wife.”

How embarrassing.  I literally told the parent’s that I was their daughter’s husband’s wife right after the sealing.

Other than those two embarrassing moments, the weekend was great and relaxing.  The sealing was beautiful, as was the Albuquerque temple, and it was so fun to be a part of a new family and spend time with my in-laws.

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  1. Hannah Judd
    Hannah Judd says:

    hahahahahaha. OH.MY.GOSH. i just read this out loud to my engaged roommate and we sat her laughing and laughing. i laughed SO hard i cried! HILARIOUS.

  2. Bianca
    Bianca says:

    haha! katie that is the best thing i’ve ever heard! im glad that you are TJ’s husband! you rock! ps i miss you!

  3. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    Since this is now on your blog’s front page, I don’t feel creepy posting on a year-old post.

    #1, I love this story.

    #2, I love that this post has 452 comments! You’re so popular!


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