Adjusting to a Move

First of all, no, we are not moving. This is a random blog post about something I’ve been thinking about this week. I was talking to a friend at church on Sunday who recently moved in and were discussing how it takes some time to get used to a new area. Since then, I’ve been thinking about how Jersey really feels like home now and I rarely ever get discouraged about living here anymore.

Anyway, feeling this way doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t even happen in just one month. Change is never easy.

No matter how you get there or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift to make that place home.” -Creed

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.47.25 AMI think Creed spoke wise words, but it’s not always an easy road. So, here are five tips for making that transition smoother:

  1. Stop living in the past. Quit focusing on everything you’re missing, don’t compare your old place to your new. Embrace the new life around you and move forward. You will find new friends… if you make an effort. You will get in a new routine… if you get up and make one.
  2. Become part of a community. Whether that is at church or in your neighborhood. Serving others will make you love the people and the area. It will also give you a purpose, make you feel needed and appreciated. If you moved away from family, the sense of community will ensure that you never feel alone.
  3. FaceTime, call, email, blog! Just about every single Sunday since we have moved here, we have FaceTimed or called both sets of parents so that we can all catch up and so that Eva stays connected to her grandparents. It’s been the only way that has made it bearable/possible to live away from both sets of families. I also love blogging so my family doesn’t feel like our life across the country is a complete mystery. Keep in touch with your friends and family who live away from you. Make an active effort to send texts, check their Facebook photos, and catch up on their blogs so those important relationships won’t be damaged by distance.
  4. Get out! Get to know where you live! Explore the area, become a local. Try out new restaurants, site-see, just get out and exercise! On days where I am homesick or just unhappy, it’s usually because I haven’t left the apartment!
  5. Stay positive. I remember I was bashing Jersey last Winter at a dinner with friends because it was so cold and I was really struggling. But a friend of mine who had lived here for much longer said, she makes her kids say one positive thing for every negative thing they say. I learned two valuable lessons from my friend that day. 1-Don’t badmouth places people consider home. It’s rude. 2-If my friend loved Jersey and considered it her home, so could I. Look for the positive things because they’re always out there.

There you have it! To my friends and family who are moving and in transitional places, I hope those tips work for you!



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  1. Bianca
    Bianca says:

    This post was great Katie! You have really bloomed where you were planted! I love reading your blog and about all of your adventures in Jersey. Keep up the positivity!

  2. Danica
    Danica says:

    I never really said this to you but I really admired the way you just committed yourself to your new life. Even though I hate it and wish you were here every day. You’re a great example of positivity and being a great wife/mother, as always!


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