A Whirlwind

Wow! What an amazing past couple of days it has been. I honestly cannot believe that just last week baby Eva wasn’t here yet. I feel like I have known her forever. All of this is simply a miracle and the biggest blessing I have ever received.

I honestly can’t write any of this without crying, I probably cry more than Eva. Everything she does is just so cute and precious, I can’t believe how lucky T.J. and I are.

I don’t have time to write the birth story yet, although I need to soon or else I’ll start to forget the details. But I just wanted to share a couple of things so far about Eva and these past couple of days.

  • Eva wants to suck on anything, all the time! She makes for a great feeder (thank goodness, I was very nervous about breast feeding) but it also means that, if she could, she would eat ALL day long. I guess she gets that from me… ha! It’s pretty cute though, I’ll think she’s finished eating so I’ll bring her up against my chest to burp and then I notice she’s sucking on my skin like a little leach! If you ever hold her, she will probably try to nurse with you!
  • Eva loves to be held nonstop. This also has it’s pros and cons. She is the most cuddly baby, it’s the best right after she nurses. But that also means she’s not really into her cradle. We are trying to figure out the whole sleeping at night thing because of it… hopefully we’ll get a hang of it soon because I’m getting tired of sleeping in the LoveSac with the baby in my arms. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
  • She makes the cutest facial expressions and noises (including smacking her lips really loud). Probably gas, but my mom (Dr. Swainhart) says she is just happy to be here. My goal is to try to capture some of them tomorrow. I need to start taking pictures and videos of all this!
  • T.J. is the cutest dad. It is adorable to see him with Eva. He changed her first diaper and five minutes later, changed her second. He is always so sad when he has to leave to go work on his final projects, but always kisses her cheeks before he says bye. He also texts us when he’s gone asking how “his girls” are doing. And if you know T.J., for him to send a text… it’s quite a big deal.
  • My mom has been incredible to have around, I couldn’t do this without her. Because T.J. is busy working on finals, she has been able to keep me company and help with the baby. She also has been baking and cooking delicious dinners and holiday treats. She has changed more than her fair share of diapers, sang infinite amounts of songs to Eva, watched the baby while I get extra snoozes in.
  • I’ve never been so tired in my life. But I’ve also never been so happy. Last night I woke up around four to feed Eva. You’d think I’d be upset or something, but as soon as I saw the adorable face she was making, I couldn’t help but to smile. Also, yesterday, after spending the day at home tending to Eva, I told T.J. how excited I was to do it again the next day. It may be exhausting, but it is completely worth it.

Here are a couple proofs from the hospital photographer. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some more photos and videos up of Eva. Enjoy! Oh, and thanks to everyone for your prayers, thoughts, texts, and visits. I am so blessed to have so many friends and family who care about us!

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