A Weekend to Remember

This post has way too much text. Just skip down to the cute pictures of Eva in the hospital gown!

Last Friday, Eva and I both woke up with colds. I wasn’t too concerned because it’s kind of a common occurrence in this never ending winter. But as the day went on, Eva’s breathing got heavier and she began to wheeze. After she went to bed that night, we found out that Eva had played earlier in the week with her buddy who, unknowingly at the time, had RSV. So, as soon as the BYU’s health clinic opened on Saturday morning, I took her to see the doctor.

We weren’t there for more than fifteen minutes when they told me to take her to the ER and that she would probably have to stay for at least 24 hours. I immediately started crying. The doctor assured me everything would be fine. She just needed to be monitored and have a couple of breathing treatments. But just the thought of taking my baby girl to the ER really upset me.

Honestly, when she was just with us, her breathing didn’t seem horrible. It just sounded like congestion. But when the nurses or doctors were around, she would get stressed out, cry, and the wheezing increased terribly. I think that was the hardest part the whole time. I felt that she’d be more comfortable at home, but I do understand it was for the best to have her at the hospital just in case it got worse and her throat closed up.

So, it turned out her RSV test came back positive and she also had a croup cough (it sounded like a dog bark… so terrible). After spending a couple of hours in the ER and giving her steroids with a breathing treatment, some doctors and breathing specialists would say she’d be able to go home soon, and then some would say she should be admitted. It was so hard to get our hopes up and then crushed over and over again. It happened at least a handful of times throughout the whole stay. They ended up admitting her and we found ourselves in a room on the pediatrics floor.

Once we got up there, I realized how blessed we really were. I had to keep reminding myself that RSV was not a big deal compared to what most of those kids were in for and that we’d be out of the hospital soon. That floor was so heartbreaking… I cannot imagine having to have your child in the hospital for days, weeks, or even months. We were just there for 24 hours and it felt like an eternity.

The doctor told us the best treatment was just to have Eva relax as much as possible. So, we watched a lot of TV, tried to have Eva nap, and just watched the time slowly go by. At 10 PM they were going to decide if we had to stay the night. To our dismay, they wanted to keep her overnight to continue monitoring her.

Eva woke up every single hour that night from her cough. (Flashback to the newborn days… how did I ever survive those first couple months?!) It didn’t help that she saw us each time she woke up, so she wanted to get out of the crib.

Anyway, the morning finally came and Eva seemed a bit more chipper but her breathing wasn’t much better. Her oxygen levels were perfect though and so I was praying they’d let us go home and just have us continue to monitor her. Thankfully the doctor on rotation agreed that there wasn’t much point to having her stay in the hospital, so after another round of steroids, we got to go home by 2 pm. Hal.le.lu.jah.

Since Sunday, Eva has finally started acting like herself. Today she didn’t want to cuddle with me at all and that’s when I knew she was feeling better… ha! Her breathing still sounds like a zombie (which is ironic since The Walking Dead started back last weekend), but at her checkup today, the doctor said her levels were perfect and her lungs sounded clear. So, we are finally on the home stretch!

Eva will be contagious for a while longer though. So, we will be staying at home until we’re over this nasty bug. But I do want to say thank you to the three girls who brought us dinner on Monday and Tuesday. It was so thoughtful and really helped to relieve some stress. Also, thanks to everyone who checked in on us and stopped by the hospital to bring us food! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the love and prayers we have felt these past couple days! Thanks guys!

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