A Taste of Motherhood

I’m back from my trip to DC where I visited my sister and her family. It was absolutely wonderful. Because of the age difference between Mary Beth and I, we haven’t had much of a chance to hang out and so this trip was so fun to finally feel like good friends.

We did a lot in the city such as going to the zoo, one of the Smithsonian museums, picnicked, visited a couple memorials, and had some family time. I fell even more in love with my nieces, Claire and Amelia. They are adorable and so funny. The funniest thing Claire said on the trip was to my sister, “Mom, when you have a baby brother in your belly, can you name him the Cat in the Hat?” Hilair. Amelia is just learning to talk, in fact she said her first real words, which happened to be, “Thank you.” Seriously. I told you she’s a doll.

Enjoy the pictures…

Here’s Mark and Amelia about to go on a bike ride.

Sweetest little girl I know.

Guess who’s kitchen this is….

Claire is growing up! She’s like a real kid these days!

The Pococks!

Pony rides at the neighborhood picnic.

Oldtown Alexandria… by far my favorite place in the area.

This is where I bought a vintage cape… you heard me right. I can’t wait for it to cool down so I can wear this awesome thing.

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