A Saturday in the Mountains

We met our friends, the Mecklenburgs, up at Big Springs Park in Provo Canyon. We went on a little hike first then played with the kids, made s’mores, and while the kids played so well together, we actually got to play a round of Catch Phrase together like the olden days before we had kids! The girls played in the dirt for the majority of the night and so they were covered head to toe… but they had a great time, so it was worth it!

IMG_0015-3 IMG_0010-3 IMG_0011-3 IMG_0017-3 IMG_0016-3 IMG_0013-2

IMG_0009-3 IMG_0003-2 IMG_0014-3 IMG_0006-3 IMG_0007-2 IMG_0008-3


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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    THE BEST NIGHT. Obviously my favorite picture is the one of you trying to get Finn and Clark to stand next to each other for a pic. I wish someone had been videoing us acting like idiots for ten minutes to get a pic, haha!


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