A Sad Day for the Derricks

Yesterday we found out that our beloved Pirate Island Pizza was lit on fire. Although the outer structure of the building still stands, the inside is ruined with $75,000 worth of damage.

I called T.J. to tell him the news while he was at work. I wish I could have recorded the conversation somehow because of his reaction. T.J. told me I ruined his day (even though I pointed out I wasn’t the one who actually burned the place down). He just kept saying, “Ohhhh nooooo…. ohhhh noooo!” And then hours after the fact, when we were getting ready for bed T.J. told me how it had been such a rough day for him.

“Why? Because of your soccer game?”

“No! Because of Pirate Island!”

Not many people gave that place a chance, but those who did loved it, especially T.J. Where will we celebrate birthdays and halloweens? Where will our baby learn to love pirates as much as her parents? Where will we go when we want satisfactory pizza with wonderful pirate decorations?

We (especially T.J.) love you and hope you’ll rise from your ashes soon! (I don’t know how though, considering it already felt like you were going out of business. But maybe this will give you the rebirth you needed!)


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  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    That first picture requires some explanation: A native American, Dorothy, and two normally dressed guys standing in front of what looks like the inside of Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders. !? If this is representative of the Pirate Island experience, I am definitely missing out!


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