A Golden Thank You!

I had a wonderful golden birthday! 27 on the 27th! It was so good, I didn’t even cry about getting closer to 30! So many people sent me messages/texts/calls, it really made my day so special, so thank you all! I always like doing a little time warp to remember what I’ve done in years past… so here goes!

  • 19

    Freshman year at BYU, spent with my awesome roommates!

  • 20

    First picture with my new boyfriend, TJ! Dinner with my brother, his date, and TJ at Bombay House and dessert at the Melting Pot!

  • 21

    Gateway and Tucano’s with TJ

  • 22

    Tucano’s with TJ-the next day I found out I was pregnant!

  • 23

    Temple Square and City Creek with TJ and Baby Eva

  • 24

    Spent my birthday in KY with my family! Skyline for dinner!

  • 25

    Times Square and Piano Guys with TJ

  • 26

    Spent the day in NYC with Eva and went to the Macy’s Flower Show!

  • 27

    Easter with my family!

And to thank you for being so kind to me on my birthday, I will now show you adorable/funny pictures of me as a kid!

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