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About a week ago, I found out about the Justin Bieber-Baby Daddy Scandal. When my friend told me, I turned down JB’s Christmas album so I could get some more details.

I’ve been reading up about it and am PRAYING, okay not really praying, but WISHING on 11/11/11 at 11:11 that it is not his baby. (It’s not his baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh.) But seriously. If it is his, he will be losing one of his biggest fans. Not me, obviously, I’ll love his music no matter what. But I’m sure another big fan will stop loving him.

Saturday night, I was in one of those “blah” moods because I had slept all afternoon and evening (stupid cold) and T.J. said he would watch whatever I wanted to watch…

So, I put in Never Say Never-Justin Bieber’s movie/documentary. (Lucky T.J.) Believe it or not, T.J. was really impressed by the end. I didn’t make him watch all of the songs, we would just fast-forward to the commentary. It made him realize that, even if he’s not a fan of his music style, that he really is talented and that he just came from a humble background. The movie really makes me believe that Justin is not the type of person to get a girl pregnant. (Crossing my fingers.)

To close, Justin… Please take a paternity test ASAP as possible. And to the baby mama, if it is Justin’s baby… Didn’t you ever listen to Justin’s song, “Kiss and Tell.”


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