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A Couple Outings with Friends

One reason I am grateful for our church is the fellowshipping aspect. No matter where you move in the world, you will be greeted by other Mormon families. We are so lucky here in the Jersey City area to have a great group of women who have come together and become friends. But as new people move in so often, people are always leaving too, especially in our ward where the turnover is great. A friend of mine just moved away (not too far… just out to the ‘burbs), so we had a little get-together one night at Grimaldi’s.

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Another night I was walking through the mall when my friend called and said she was at the mall too… so we treated ourself to pedicure (which turns out is the best thing to do with a friend… how come I’ve never done that before?). I was so tired that night but she was going to go into the city afterward for a movie with another girlfriend. Jenny convinced me to channel “college Katie” and to forget about “mom Katie” for the night. So, since “college Katie” used to do spur of the moment things all the time and stay out late, I went for it! I was dead by the time I got home (1:30 am… yikes! And don’t worry mom, I took a cab home from the train so I wouldn’t get raped/murdered). But what a fun night!

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