A Couple Days Late

I didn’t bring my laptop with me this weekend, so I didn’t get to write a “Thankful” post on Thanksgiving day. So, I figured I’d do it now.

  1. My amazing husband who makes me laugh and smile everyday
  2. All of my family… my parents, siblings, in-laws, and all the extended family
  3. The gospel, the Book of Mormon, and the temple
  4. My many friends who care about me
  5. My healthy and easy pregnancy
  6. Our little baby girl who will be here in a matter of DAYS (my due date is in less than a week, guys!)
  7. My education and being finished with my undergrad
  8. My blog… silly, but true! I’m proud to be a crazy blogger!
  9. All the comforts in my home including a hot shower, a down comforter, and a washer and dryer
  10. My favorite TV shows including The Office, Parks and Rec, and Modern Family
  11. Utah scenery… the mountains always take my breath away!
  12. Hot Chocolate and eggnog
  13. Our car
  14. Technology, especially the internet, my iPhone, and MacBook
  15. Pinterest
  16. Music (dare I mention JB on this blog again?… I better not…)
  17. Animals, especially baby elephants and puppies
  18. Health Insurance
  19. Our country… it has its problems, but we are still so blessed!
  20. The Christmas season… it truly is the best time of the year!
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