A Christmas Miracle

I posted this on Facebook already, so sorry if it’s a duplicate post for you. Just have to document it on the blog!

One month ago I saw that Jim Gaffigan, one of my favorite comedians, was coming to the Vivint Arena. I told TJ to email his HR person to see if he could get cheap or free tickets (he works for Vivint and occasionally gets free tickets to the arena for Jazz games and such). Well, he didn’t hear back. We made other plans, a friend offered us tickets this week but we already had stuff going on and couldn’t spend too much on tickets anyway. I was pretty disappointed it didn’t work out BUT THEN TJ found out the afternoon of the show that they had two extra tickets to the Vivint Suite, and they were ours if we wanted them for free! Uh, yes! We canceled our previous plans, found a babysitter, and got to spend the evening laughing the night away and being spoiled in the suite with dinner and dessert! Great night! Thank you, TJ, for working hard so we can play hard (and enjoy all the perks of your job)!

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