A Big Part of my Past

Ninth grade is when it started. My friends and I got a hold of the family video camera and got to work. We were going to make a music video. The first one was to My Boyfriend’s Back. It was such a huge hit that we did another one a couple months later. Keith Urban’s Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me never sounded/looked better than in our music video.

Through the rest of high school, we did more and more. Even reenactments of Survivor Man and some standup comedy-most of which were only appreciated by ourselves. But it was the best of times doing those videos!

Then I went to college. You’d think (or hope for my sake) I’d stop making the videos and grow up. But I couldn’t. Freshman Year, Carrie and I did a music video to Gotta Go My Own Way (typically done between a boy and a girl, but no boy would do it with me, so Carrie stepped in and we pretended that it was just our friendship ending haha).

Sophomore year, I did my last official music video. (I say official, because Eva and I make them all the time still). It was to MIA’s Paper Planes. We thought we were pretty cool. But, that mirror effect… I mean, come on! Awesome! And when Hannah pops in and out during the Chorus, I always lose it! Hilarious.

Well, now you have all the evidence you need to know I’m pretty crazy!

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