9th Day of Christmas: Christmas Outfit Linkup


Why do I set up for Christmas and start listening to Christmas music so early? ^^^ This is why! Christmas is almost here. I cannot believe how quickly this month has gone.

So, my pictures for this outfit linkup is just as bad as usual. But at least we took them! On Friday night, we went on a date so I got dressed up but because we were trying to get out of the house so quickly and then got home so late, I skipped the pictures. On Saturday, we went to see The Christmas Carol with TJ’s family, meaning I had another chance to dress up and snap a photo of the outfit.

Unfortunately, you really can’t see the outfit details from these photos, but I’m wearing suede wedges, leather leggings, a silk top under a sequins sweater with my red plaid coat. I kind of love all the different textures in the ensemble and how fancy it looks, yet it’s so comfortable! That Christmas tree photos is SO poor of quality, it makes me laugh, which is why I included it. Sometimes TJ purposely takes funny photos just to make us laugh, like where he’s zoomed up really close on a body part, or looking up so you see a great angle of my double chin. Thanks for being such a good sport, dear husband.


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