9 Pounds!

I think I wrote a little while back about my new goal of trying to lose weight. I’m trying to lose 20 pounds this summer, five pounds for each of the four months T.J. is away. The second month is almost over and I’m just about at my ten pound mark! As of this morning, I was 9 pounds down from my starting weight.

I’ll tell you what, I’m pretty sure you can’t tell I’ve lost weight, but I sure can feel it. I just feel better about myself. No longer do I feel discouraged when trying to fit into my skinny jeans, I finally like going shopping again, and most importantly, my self esteem is way up. It’s as simple as this: exercise just makes you happy.

It’s not always easy or fun to go workout, but after I do it, I feel motivated to keep at my goal and to continue eating healthy. So, here’s to one more week and trying to lose at least one more pound so I can make my halfway mark!

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